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Astronomers Claim the Earth is A “Galactic Zoo” Supervised by Aliens

Humans have always had reasons to believe in aliens, from the regular sightings of mysterious looking shapes in the cloud to all the thousands of exoplanets which scientists claim to have found in our milky way. However, there is hardly any definite proof of the existence of extra-terrestrial life. Despite this fact, some astronomers have insisted that not only do aliens exist, but they also want to remain hidden away from humans and prefer to observe us, viewing us as the inhabitants of a “galactic zoo.”

Researchers from METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence), a San Francisco-based research organization,are the ones who made this observation, and they insist that these extra-terrestrial bodies who are apparently supervising us, are waiting to reveal themselves because they do not want to create panic on Earth.

Jean-Pierre Rospars, an honorary research director at the Institut National de la RechercheAgronomique, quoted in Canadian Homesteading says that even though humans are intelligent, other species exist who are more intelligent than humans. He says he suspects that the reason aliens keep observing us is that they believe humans could evolve.

“It seems likely that extra-terrestrials are imposing a galactic quarantine because they realize it would be culturally disruptive for us to learn about them,” declared Jean-Pierre Rospars “Cognitive evolution on Earth shows random features while also following predictable paths.”

“We can expect the repeated, independent emergence of intelligent species in the universe, and we should expect to see more or less similar forms of intelligence everywhere, under favourable conditions.” He continued There is no reason to think that humans have reached the highest cognitive level possible. Higher levels might evolve on Earth in the future and already be reached elsewhere.”

If humans want to make contact with aliens, says the researchers at METI, they would have to be more direct. This is definitely worth some further investigations. For several years there have been continuous suspicions on alien existence and no forthcoming solid proof. Forbes talks about a theory called the Fermi Paradox. According to them, the paradox basically asks the question, “ifextra-terrestrial life and even intelligent alien civilizations are not just likely, but highly probable, then why have none of them been in contact with us? Are there biological or sociological explanations for this "Great Silence?"

“We are very interested in the scientific approach used in the analysis of the Fermi Paradox and the search for intelligent life in the universe,” said Cyril Birnbaum and Brigitte David quoted in Forbes. “The question 'Are we alone?’ affects us all, because it is directly related to humanity and our place in the cosmos.”

In the face of all this, there is still a school of thought who think that all this talk about aliens is nothing but balderdash. NASA once tried to pass it off as pareidolia. According to them. “Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognizable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data.”


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