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Alien Probes Are ‘Lurking’ Near Earth, Researcher Claims

Could extraterrestrials be using co-orbital objects (like asteroids) to spy our planet? According to a recent article published by Canadian journalist and writer Paul Anderson on EarthSky.org, the answer is ‘yes’.

The article is based on a scientific paper written by astronomer James Benford, who stated that “a recently discovered group of nearby co-orbital objects is an attractive location for extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) to locate a probe to observe Earth, while not being easily seen”.

“These near-Earth objects provide an ideal way to watch our world from a secure natural object”, claimed the astronomer, quoted by Mr Anderson. “That [the object] provides resources an ETI might need: materials, a firm anchor, concealment. These have been little studied by astronomy and not at all by SETI or planetary radar observations”, he added

The journalist explained that these alien probes have been called lurkers by Mr Benford. Additionally, they would not be an organic life form, but some sort of advanced robots. “Benford calls hypothetical, hidden, unknown and unseen alien probes by the name lurkers”, Mr Anderson expressed. “In theory, they would be robotic, like our own robot probes sent out to explore our solar system, but doubtless much more advanced”, he continued.

“Benford suggests that searching for lurkers would be an interesting new type of SETI, which traditionally has focused on looking for artificial radio or light signals from distant stars”, the Canadian writer asserted. “But if there were alien probes literally in our own backyard, we could actually go and observe them. Scientists could first look for them in the electromagnetic spectrum of microwaves and light or by using planetary radar”, he commented.

“Looking for lurkers is certainly speculative and might sound too much like science fiction to some people’s taste”, the Vancouver-based journalist mentioned. “But it has an appealing logic about it. And now the idea is published in a major, peer-reviewed journal”, he opined.

Draw your own conclusions...

For more information: https://earthsky.org/space/alien-lurker-probes-co-orbital-asteroids-earth


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