False flag Alien attack on Earth planned suggests Dr. Michael Salla

Is the current state of affairs the final outcome of an evil (and extremely well planned) strategy created by elites a few decades ago to scare humanity and justify the weaponisation of outer space? According to renowned researcher and writer Dr Michael Salla, the answer is “yes”.

In an article posted on 06 June in his website Exopolitics.org, Mr Salla analyses the recent revelations of Carol Rosin, former manager of Fairchild Industries Inc., the company that hired the famous German scientist Werner Von Braun for several years.

Ms Rosin claims that Von Braun confessed, shortly before his death, that the Deep State (this is, the global elite) planned to “militarise” outer space in order to impose a New World Order.

This strategy had 4 lines of action: the Soviets (in the 1970s), then the terrorists and the “Third World countries” labelled as “nations of concern” (in the 1990s and 2000s), the “killer asteroids” (in the 2010s) and finally the “alien invasion”.

In the opinion of Mr Salla, “Russia, terrorism and rogue nations have collectively dominated decades of news cycles”. “More recently, we are witnessing an increasing number of stories of killer asteroids just missing the Earth in the mainstream media. The most recent examples are three massive killer asteroids heading towards the Earth and predicted to fly close by on June 6,8, and 20, any of which could cause cataclysmic damage”, he said.

“Additional ‘cards’ can be found in the Deep State playing deck described by Von Braun back in the 1970s”, the Australian researcher explains. “This includes a global pandemic, which was discussed in the City of London by a high-level group of bureaucrats in 2005 as part of a covert Deep State plan to usher in a New World Order”, he expresses.

However, some experts suggest that the next step is the “alien invasion” after the COVID-19 pandemics. “The potential for such an event occurring in the run-up to the 2020 election is a distinct possibility given the Deep State’s determination to remove the Trump administration by any means possible”, Mr Salla opines.

Are we at the gates of a war in outer space? Only time will tell…


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