Dating: Reviews On Transgender Women

( -- You don’t have any problems with transgender women. In fact, you’re think it’s quite sexy. You may even have tried to date one. Invariably, you’d visit a dating site to find someone who is openly transgender and looking for a date. You find a promising looking ad and fire off a courteous introductory letter. You like her profile and you’re hoping she’ll like yours, but you don’t get any response.

If you do, you may be in for quite a roller-coaster ride according to the site TS Girlfriend where men share their experiences with transsexual dating. Many report that the first date is promising, even enjoyable. Everything seems to be going really well and she even opens up about her transition procedure, speaking about it frankly. Surely this means you’re off to a very good start?

Apparently this may not be the case. Despite your best efforts to be the perfect gentleman, you may well receive a brush-off that doesn’t ring true. There are reasons why she doesn’t want to see you again and the reasons all have to do with your supposed shortcomings. You can try to defend yourself, but the chances are, there isn’t really any point.

The fact is, dating, and especially adult dating for the over thirties is something of a minefield. That doesn’t only apply to transsexuals. By the time most of us reach this age, we are in stable relationships, but for many adult daters over thirty, there’s a history of broken relationships and a great deal of emotional baggage. One has to ask oneself if the person just has a shocking taste in partners or whether the problem lies with the person themselves.

Transsexuals often have a traumatic history. Feeling as if you’re a woman in a man’s body can’t be a pleasant state of affairs. Most men with transgender tendencies try to sublimate them in an attempt to fit in. When that doesn’t work, they may decide to go ahead with a transgender procedure. This is also traumatic. Friends, work colleagues and family may turn against them. To say that this might make them suspicious of other people no matter how accepting they may seem appears to be a logical progression.

Then again, you should also consider your own suitability as a partner. You may think that you’re behaving like a perfect gentleman, but if you have a history of being repeatedly dumped for the same reason, you should take a long, hard look at yourself.

If you thought a transgender woman would be more likely to tolerate a slob, you’ll have to think again. A transgender woman is still a woman and women don’t tolerate poor grooming, body odour and the like. You might just have bad breath, but no matter how much she likes your personality, she’s not going to put up with that.

If all your girlfriends so far have been saying you’re controlling or creepy, you should take it seriously. Being overweight isn’t a good idea either. Physical attraction is important in an adult relationship and, let’s face it, being obese isn’t attractive.

When your transgender date or any other woman rejects you, you should give the matter a bit of thought. She could be irrational, but perhaps she has genuine reasons for preferring not to see you again!



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