Meet Our Team

National Co-Managing Editors:

Peter Tremblay – Graduated from the University of Toronto with over twenty years experience in the newspaper and book publishing industries. He has prided himself as both an human rights activists and an environmental crusader who has fought for social justice at all levels.

Peggy Chan – Graduated from Carleton University with a strong background in both journalism and marketing. She seeks to continually inspire our team to provide thoughtful investigative journalism.  Ms Chan also has several years of experience in government.

John Stokes – Graduated from the University of Toronto with many years working in advertising and marketing. Mr Stokes strives to ensure a high level of client services with our advertisers.

Jay Singh – Graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with over ten years of experience in personnel administration. Mr Singh seeks to ensure we’re always looking for top talent join our eclectic team.

Yvette Gingras – Graduated from Universite de Montreal with many years of experience as a reporter and investigative journalist. Madame Gingras seeks to ensure that we provide broad coverage on current affairs issues across Canada and internationally.


Iain Mackenzie – Graduated from a top British university and has worked in various book publishing roles for many years.


JD91 – A great writer on all things related to UFOs and aliens.

Susan Smith – Graduated from the University of Toronto with many years in executive management and working for various community organization before becoming the editor of Business Section.  Ms Smith appreciates the need for economic development but only in the context of our environmental stewardship as human beings.

Pablo Fernandez – Born in Mexico, Pablo has observed profound economic disparity and the need for social justice. He is also a voracious reader and one of his great passions is salsa.


William Cranston – Graduated from Oxford University and has spent many years at all levels of the arts industry before joining our team.


Florence Langlois – Graduated from Concordia University and spent several years in public health administration before joining our team as the editor of our Health Section.


Jenn Lafontaine – Graduated from the University of Toronto and values the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Ms Lafontaine has travelled the world in search for the best naturopathic strategies for better health.

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