The best corn muffin in New York City is here

Posted on 18 January 2020

Are you travelling to New York City or live there?

Are you in the mood for a delicious corn muffin?
If so, I suggest that you check out Empire Cake on 8th Ave that's right across the "Google building" and in Tribeca.
This muffin has a great flavour and an amazing texture.
I have tried other muffins in the city which don't meet the standards set by Empire Cake which also boast an ex ...


Don't Film In This African Country!

Posted on 18 January 2020

As a vlogger you are always a little nervous about filming in public. Occasionally people ask you politely not to photograph them, occasionally they throw vegetables at you, but nowhere is quite like the capital of Mauritania where filming yourself gets the locals screaming at you!

What a bunch of Mauritanian madlads! Fortunately the people got a lot more chill on the road to Nou ...


Nobody Visits This Country - Find Out Why

Posted on 15 January 2020

Moldova is the least visited country in Europe. And so I came to its capital city Kishinev to see why... It did not take long to find the answer. Years of theft and corruption by politicians has left the locals of the country tripping up on broken pavements and walking past abandoned buildings on their way to collect their 40 Euro pensions. ...


Things To Remember Before You Plan A Trip To Seville

Posted on 08 August 2019

When you go to a brand new city, there are countless things that have to be learned. However, this is something that rarely happens. It is really important that you learn all that you can about a city like Seville. The tips mentioned below will surely help you out a lot at the end of the day and will make your entire trip a pleasure. If you want to have a wonderful vacation in Seville ...


Surviving the family road trip

Posted on 13 July 2019

(NC) Looking to take the family on an exciting road trip this summer? Here are four easy tips from parenting expert Maureen Dennis to help you not just survive the trek, but also ensure everyone has a great time and makes incredible memories together.  1. Plan perfect. Planning can be as simple or complicated as you like. Try a destination-based plan, meanin ...


Don’t Miss Out on These 5 Expert Travel Tips Before Your Next Flight

Posted on 02 July 2019

Although it's exhilarating to tour the world, travelling for hours can be a tiring, whether it be by road, rail, or most conveniently, by air. At the overcrowded airport, some enervating things like flight delays, overpriced snacks, can make travel experiences not meet expectations. A flight attendant, Bianca DiValerio, who also writes a blog, gave some tips to 2 travel, on how to make trav ...


Bitcoins Enthusiasts Pursue Tourist Destinations

Posted on 12 June 2019

Today, there are several tourist destinations that have already begun adopting the Bitcoin cash (BCH) as a ‘universal currency’—considering its low fees and instant transactions—with European country Slovenia already becoming a leader in BCH adoption. Bitcoin cash is a global currency that facilitates numerous payments and businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry—wher ...


Video: Montreal Offers a Fabulous Tourist Destination This Summer

Posted on 09 June 2019

Are you seeking a fabulous tourist destination this summer?
I invite you to check out Montréal.
Montréal offers a great cosmopolitan vibe in a vibrant French-speaking cultural milieu.
It's a large city but has a relaxed atmosphere.

My favourite part of Montréal is the Plateau which is in the downtown area.
It's the home of many great restaurants.

The video above will p ...


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Nunavut

Posted on 20 May 2019

Nunavut is the cradle of Inuit culture, so it’s the best place from where to absorb its essence. Visitors to the area become witnesses of their own inner transformation thanks to the effect of nature at the deepest levels of consciousness. There are plenty of reasons to come to the ends of the earth to enjoy the delights of the north area of Canada. Would you like to discover them? Co ...


Top U.S. Casino Travel Destinations

Posted on 03 May 2019

What I really love when on a pleasure trip is combining some learning and productive activities with the leisure hours on the sand or the crazy moments in front of a slot machine. That is the reason why I made sure of choosing a destination instead of simply a casino hotel when we decided to do a gambling trip. The best U.S. casino destinations to blow up your mind #1 – Reno, Neva ...