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Letters and Editorials

Maxime Bernier: People's Party Unveils Hideous Signs

Posted on 02 October 2019

I have seen some very impressive political campaign signs by obviously very talented graphic designers in this election.
It's just too bad that it seems Max Bernier's People's Party missed the boat on these excellent graphic designers.
On my way from Ottawa to visit my girlfriend in Gatineau, I was quite surprised to run into one particular "crappily" designed People's Party sign.
It feat ...

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Jagmeet Singh: Bearded look promises to lead NDP to worst election defeat ever

Posted on 24 September 2019

Let's get this straight.  I highly respect Sikh communities in Canada and I have no personal problems with beards. I share an Indo-Canadian background with Mr Singh and I have also had a beard. And I also recognize that Canadians in general have no issue with open Sikhs with turbans in the RCMP, local police and even as local members of Parliament. However, one this is clear ...

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Racial Profiling: Loblaws Targets Visible Minorities In Contrast With Farm Boy

Posted on 02 September 2019

Here’s is why I am impressed with Farm Boy and highly disappointed with Loblaws when it comes to race relations.
A couple of days ago, I had needed to get organic toothpaste that’s free of fluoride and a new toothbrush.  So I decided to venture to the Loblaws on Carlton and Church Streets in downtown Toronto.
This is a Loblaws I have visited many times.
So, I go to Isle 14 ...

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Justin Trudeau Continues Corruption With RBC-affiliated Quebec Senate Appointment

Posted on 07 August 2019

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has once again shown hypocrisy in his so-called "reformed" and "independent" Senate.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office says that Tony Loffreda will fill a vacant seat in Quebec.

The Montreal native and accountant has been a top official with RBC since 2005 and currently is vice-chairman of RBC Wealth Management.

Loffreda becomes the 50th cro ...

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10 Reasons Why New York Subway System is America's Shame

Posted on 30 July 2019

New York City has some fabulous pleasant surprises but this doesn't include their subway system.

I was recently in New York City.  The city's subway system is pretty shocking when compared to other subway systems around the world.
This includes the Toronto Transit Commission's (TTC) subway which is well-maintained and easy for most any visitor to the city to figure out.
A ...

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Trudeau demonstrates complete hypocrisy on Trump's Tweets

Posted on 17 July 2019

Prime Minister Trudeau's reply to U.S. President Trump's recent controversial Tweet ‘That’s not how we do things in Canada’ is complete hypocrisy.
What Mr Trudeau really meant to say is that in Canada, we don't "tweet" our racism.  We say nice things on tweet and other public places but practice institutionalized racism behind closed doors.
Mr. Trudeau's most recent demo ...

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People's Party: Is Maxime Bernier Little More Than a Handsome Robot?

Posted on 12 July 2019

My question for all Canadians voters is who the heck elected Maxime Bernier?

In his speeches, Mr Bernier seems to take a delight in stringing together a bunch of vapid clichés.

It often sounds like he has been inspired by the Randy, a character on the Trailer Park Boys who learned his language skills from a cereal box.

Bernier might not only be the least original Canadian pol ...

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Former Toronto Raptors Danny Green on How Stupid or Cheap Can You Get

Posted on 12 July 2019

Fresh off an NBA Championship, a former Toronto Raptors player was recently robbed last week while visiting Vancouver for a promotional event. Danny Green opened up about the experience on his podcast for Yahoo Canada Sports, Inside The Green Room. Green, who recently left Toronto, says he was in town for the opening of a London Drugs last Friday in the Dunbar neighbourhood but booked an ...

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Why Los Angeles Will Crush Kawhi Leonard and Clippers Next Season

Posted on 11 July 2019

Here's why Kawhi Leonard won't likely be celebrating at the end of the next NBA season with his new team the Clippers, as hew had been with the Toronto Raptors.In my view Mr Leonard's decision was high on ego and nostalgia and low on common sense.As I had watched Mr. Leonard looking at the huge crowds which greeted him in Toronto I got the impression he had one major thing on his mind and it goes ...

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Kawhi Leonard: Toronto Raptors Should Look For Next Superstar Outside the United States

Posted on 07 July 2019

In our article entitled "Kawhi Leonard: How Birthplace, Economics Works Against Superstar Staying With Raptors" we had predicted that Mr Leonard would very much likely head back to the States and to Los Angeles after an NBA Championship.  If Mr Leonard was already playing for a U.S. team, his trip back to L.A. would arguably be unlikely.  But, for a black American superstar player like M ...