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New York City mayor condemns homeless people to horrific shelters

New York City's mayor Eric Adams is seeking to sweep homeless people off the street [above video] and into the city's horrific homeless shelters [below video] under the threat of arrest.  According to Mr Adams, these filthy shelters which is the home of unspeakable substance abuse and ensuing violence are "all right".  But, I would like to see him stay their for one night.

The truth of the matter is that the reason the city's encampments were set-up in the first place is that the city's streets are an expensive Holiday Inn compared to the woefully awful shelters under Mayor Adams auspices.

Mayor Eric Adams is part of a new generation of fake "Democrats" in the States who talk "social justice" while practicing the worst kind of fascism.  Democrat politicians like Adams are literally the tools of a cabal that seeks to pursue an Orwellian fascistic agenda under a cloak of nicentiousness.


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