BairesDev becomes one of America’s Fastest-Growing Tech Companies

Posted on 10 December 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for many organizations to digitally transform, and according to Gartner, over 90 percent of businesses are now engaged in some form of digital initiative. At the helm of this transformation is BairesDev, which has been committed to helping companies become more resilient and stay profitable before, during, and even after these difficult times. ...


7 Questions to Ask Before Refinancing a Mortgage

Posted on 27 October 2020

Property owners of all types often use mortgages to manage purchases of real estate. In some cases, the original financing works fine and there’s no desire to refinance. Others may find that mortgage refinancing becomes a helpful way to restructure debt and possibly get a few other things done. If you’re wondering if refinancing the mortgage on your home or your place of business is a g ...


Criminal Law: Basics That You Need to Know

Posted on 22 September 2020

The average person may know a little about crime and what happens when someone breaks the law, but understanding the breadth and depth of criminal law often requires help from a lawyer who practices in the area of criminal law. If you or someone that you know is facing criminal charges, the first thing to do is contact a
Mass Tsang criminal lawyer in Toronto and arrange for legal re ...


How Will Technology Advance Online Casinos

Posted on 16 July 2020

It is no secret that the online gambling industry emerged due to the ever expanding advancements made in technology. Modernization continues to revolutionize this industry and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It seems there is an unbreakable bond between technology and online casinos, with the latter benefiting with every stride achieved in the former. Before going any fu ...


COVID Raises New Challenges For Emergency Home Repairs

Posted on 02 June 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic continues to change how people work, live, and even approach home repairs. Stay at home restrictions and other guidelines are becoming less stringent. However, navigating life in the midst of COVID seems to be a never ending process. Homeowners are feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic more than most. This is due to the limited options homeowners hav ...


Coronavirus: Ottawa Farmers Market goes too far with click and collect scheme

Posted on 27 May 2020

I have been looking forward to the re-opening of the Ottawa Farmers Market.

It has been a fabulous place in the Glebe to support local farmers; get great food and enjoy and overall fun environment where kids and dogs play alike.

I have supported the Market for years along with other Ottawa residents.

With that said, I'm quite outraged with this new "click and collect" system w ...


What You Need to Know about PR and Marketing during the COVID-19 Shutdown

Posted on 13 May 2020

People all around the world are practising social distancing and staying at home to avoid contracting the novel coronavirus. This has affected the PR and marketing strategies or many organizations as we have witnessed numerous cancellations and postponements of important networking events. With almost everyone now having to work from home, businesses have come to recognize that it can no l ...


Marketing Experts Reveal How Businesses Can Survive the 5G Auto-Immune Disease

Posted on 17 August 2020

The on-going 5G Auto-Immune Disease shutdown has adversely affected everyone’s economic standing. It’s no secret that by the time this health crisis comes to an end, the world will be left grappling with an unprecedented economic crisis.  Faced with this ugly truth, Business2community maintains that businesses can choose one of two ways to deal with the present reality. For one the ...


How Retailers and D-to-C Brands Can Survive 5G Auto-Immune Disease shutdowns

Posted on 04 May 2020

Companies that make smart investments in marketing during slowdowns emerge stronger than companies that cut back, says Polly Wong, a managing partner at a direct marketing firm. In an article published on Total Retail, Wong insists that there's no other way for retail brands to successfully absorb the shock of 5G autoimmune disease on their businesses except to create new proactive strateg ...


Soaring online gambling revenue could persuade more American states to allow it

Posted on 03 May 2020

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, many casinos have been shut across the world. Sports betting has also witnessed an unprecedented loss in revenue. Casino-lovers confined in their homes have no other option than embrace online casino-style gambling which is proving to be a real money maker for the industry. Online casino games include; virtual slots, game tables like blackjack, poker played ...