How Drivers Can Prepare for Car Accidents

Thousands of car accidents occur every day. As common as they are, most people do very little to prepare for the event of a car accident.

According to attorneys from The Barnes Firm, car accident preparation can be critical. With a little preparation, drivers can be in a better position to deal with injuries, prevent more damage or injuries, and make sure they have everything they might need for an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Every driver should try to have the basics they need to deal with a car accident. In this post, you will learn about the items you should keep in your car to make sure you are prepared for traffic accidents.

Insurance Information

This is one of the basics of what you will need in the event of an accident. Many states already require drivers to keep proof of insurance with them when they drive. Beyond that, keeping your insurance information handy is just a smart move.

Your insurer should issue a card as proof of insurance. The card will have your policy number and a contact number you can call to report an accident. It is also good to keep this card in your glove box because it will make it easy for you to exchange information with other drivers when accidents do occur.

Mobile Phone

A mobile phone can be vital after a traffic accident. It will make it easier for you to report the accident to the police, call your insurer and it can help to ensure that you can get in touch with emergency services if an ambulance is needed.

Beyond making sure you have a mobile phone with you, you should also try to keep a charger in your car. Keep your phone charged so it is ready if there is ever an emergency. A good tip is to just plug the phone in whenever you drive – that way, you know it will be ready if you need it.

Flashlight and Hazard Cones

An accident scene can be hectic and hazardous. Nighttime accidents also come with the added issue of reduced visibility at the scene of the accident. Drivers should keep items like a flashlight and hazard cones available.

Cones or road flares can help to make other drivers aware of the accident as they approach. With the cones or flares laid out, other drivers will know they need to be cautious as they drive by. A flashlight can be useful because it will help you see as you try to move around the scene.

Pen and Notepad

Documenting the scene will help if you need to file an insurance claim or if there is a lawsuit as the result of the accident. With a pen and paper handy, you will be able to take notes about the events leading up to the accident, how the accident occurred and any damage or injuries you observe at the scene.

Make sure you have pen and paper ready in your car. You can also use your phone to take pictures of the road and vehicle damage. Keeping a disposable camera in the car is also a smart move. This will ensure that you have the ability to take pictures even if your phone is damaged.

First Aid Kit

Injuries are a common part of car accidents. For most injuries, it is better to wait for first responders, but there might be some situations that require immediate first aid. Having a first aid kit can make a big difference for some injuries.

If you want to make it easy, you can just buy a pre-packed first aid kit. You can even find kits that are made for keeping in your car. If you choose to make your own first aid kit, make sure it has everything you may need. You don’t want to find you are short on supplies in the event of an emergency.

Important Medical Information

You also need to be prepared for the possibility that you might need medical care. If this occurs, it can help if first responders have access to important medical information. You want emergency personnel to know if you have any pre-existing conditions or drug allergies.

If you want to make sure this information is available to first-responders, you should keep it in your wallet. You could also keep a list of emergency contact numbers nearby. Making a card and keeping it near your identification will be a way to ensure emergency responders have the information even if you are incapacitated.

Preparedness can make a big difference if you are in a car accident. With the right supplies, you can protect the safety of yourself and others, provide immediate aid for injuries and ensure that you have everything you need for an insurance claim.

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