New Book: U.S. President Donald Trump’s claims of COVID-19 bioengineering proven right

Posted on 25 November 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is being sponsored by major financers in Big Pharma, Big Tech and several other fifth columns elements, new book reveals. According to Worldometer, since the virus began to spread from Wuhan in China, over 53 million people have contracted it worldwide, leading to over 1.3 million deaths. When the pandemic first broke in the U.S., President Donald Trump claimed th ...


Book self-publishing: Free tips to authors now available

Posted on 28 October 2020

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Ottawa's not-for-profit book publisher provides Ottawa authors with hardcover printing

Posted on 15 October 2020

Are you a writer in Ottawa seeking to become a self-published author? It has now become much easier to put your work up for sale and exceed your book sales target. In previous times, authors were only able to publish their work traditionally and this process had many restrictions. Now with self-publishing, it is very easy for writers to get their work in front of their readers without spen ...


Book Self-Publishing: is the best choice for Ottawa authors

Posted on 12 October 2020

For writers in Ottawa, it is now easier than ever to put your work up for sale by becoming a self-published author. Unlike traditional publishing, self-publishing makes it very easy for writers to get their work in front of their readers without spending lots of time and money. However, for many self-published authors who are in a haste to publish, they easily fall victim by overlooking k ...


Book Self-Publishing: provides quality control that Amazon's KDP lacks

Posted on 12 October 2020

Many of today’s best-selling writers have chosen the path of self-publishing to become authors, bypassing traditional publishing. However, getting a highly successful self-published book can be quite a difficult task. Technology has opened up new possibilities in the book publishing industry, changing the way publishers communicate with authors. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has ...


Ottawa writers can now self-publish hardcover books with ease

Posted on 15 September 2020

Are you seeking a better service than Amazon's KDP which will enable you to self-publish much higher quality and mass marketable books with local customer service that is second to none? seeks to empower authors in Ottawa and across Canada. 

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5 reasons to become a vendor at Canada's first virtual book and entrepreneurs' fair

Posted on 11 September 2020

The global pandemic has changed a lot of industries and the publishing industry isn’t left out. The coronavirus outbreak has made a huge impact on how authors write, what editors are willing to publish, and how book sales are made. With stores being closed for weeks and some slowly reopening, small scale publishers fear that the pandemic might run them out of business. However, going dig ...


New, radical economics book paves path out of environmental crisis and climate change

Posted on 05 August 2020

In spite of widespread support for environmental protection, the destruction of our planet continues to worsen. But in the fight against climate change, one key factor is often overlooked: our current measurements of economic performance. Rooted in market-based capitalism, these indicators encourage those in power to strive for numerical “success”at the cost of environmental protection an ...


Writers: How to set-up your own book self-publishing organization

Posted on 24 May 2020

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Do you want to get a cut of all the money Amazon's KDP is getting because you will actually be helping to produce better quality books that the amateur ones they churn-out with the "cookie-cutter I got self-published on KDP look?"

Why just self-publish on your own when you can also help other writers through a formalized organizatio ...


How to self-publish a book: manuscript to bestseller

Posted on 22 May 2020

Are you seeking to learn how to self-publish a book from manuscript to a potential bestseller?
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