Ottawa Book Expo 2023: An assembly of literary brilliance

Do you want to be a part of one of the largest gatherings of authors, publishers, artisans, and entrepreneurs in Canada? Look no further than the Ottawa Book Expo, an annual event that plays host to some of national capital’s most talented literary figures.

The Ottawa Book Expo 2023 is an opportunity for authors, publishers, and other professionals from across Canada and beyond to find and develop a strong network of like-minded professionals. The Expo is also an opportunity to connect with Canada’s growing literary audience. This year’s Expo will take place at the iconic Horticulture Building in Lansdowne Park from Friday, March 3rd to Sunday, March 5th, 2023.

As attenedees of previous events will testify, the Ottawa Book Expo is the perfect opportunity for bibliophiles to turn their passion into a social opportunity, for book lovers to connect with authors, publishers, and other members of the literary community. The Ottawa Book Expo will provide visitors with the chance to discover new titles, meet their favourite authors, and purchase books directly from publishers and booksellers. Whatever your passion – genre fiction, history, artbooks, or memoirs – you’re sure to find something you love at the Ottawa Book Expo. 

There will be many opportunities for exhibitors to share fresh ideas, witness the latest trends, and access new distribution channels while connecting with book lovers from across North America. The organizers comprise a group of experts with broad experience in the Canadian publishing industry. Their goal is to boost the commercial success of all exhibitors and to promote a professional networking environment among participants to further boost commercial success. They are vastly experienced with book distribution across major retail outlets in Canada, such as Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Foyles, and many others.

The Horticulture Building in Lansdowne Park is a perfect setting for the book festival, with its spacious layout, charming architecture, and beautiful surroundings. Visitors will be able to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the park while exploring the latest books and meeting fellow readers.

The Ottawa Book Expo is a must-attend event for anyone who loves books and literature in general. So, make sure to mark the dates in your calendar (March 3-5). If you’re an author looking to grow your readership, then you can take advantage of the exposure the Ottawa Book Expo provides by registering to become an exhibitor.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of books!


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