How To Plan A Family Adventure Trip

For a lot of families, travel is everything, and the memories will be revisited for years to come. Travel memories can last a lifetime, and if you have kids, it is the best way to teach them about the world while also building memories. No matter who you’re traveling with, your grandparents, teenagers, or toddlers, there is a right way to plan the trip so that everyone’s needs can be satisfied. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can plan a family adventure trip.


The first step to planning a fun, family adventure trip is to involve everyone. Start the planning process with brainstorming and ensure everyone is a part of the fun. You can start with a pizza party and begin throwing ideas. Ensure everyone has something to say. Start with the locations first and then come down to the type of lodging you like or the things you want to do. Ask everyone about their expectations from the trip and then lock down the destination. Once you have a destination in mind, get your hands on a few travel brochures and maps. This will get the planning started. It is also an opportunity to teach your kids to read a map. You will also have to set a budget at this stage. Based on the same, compare the lodging options and look for flights.

Set a theme

You will have maps, brochures, notes, and pictures, and you now need to drill it down to a realistic list. This will make the planning process so much easier. Look for common themes and drill down to one. Do you want to go on safari adventures or to a historical place? Do you want to head to a mountainous terrain or a tropical place? The professionals who offer adventure tours in Scottsdale state, “Mountain biking or guided hiking can be a great family adventure activity if you are traveling with older kids.” Planning is a part of the fun, and it will build anticipation, so even if you are unable to find a common ground, allow each other to sell to others what they want to do. Whenever you look for a location, you need to remember the limits you established when you set the priorities and the budget. The budget will help you decide whether you want to travel within the country or fly across the globe. You need to be aware of who will be traveling with you, and then you can narrow down the type of vacation you want.

Embrace the outdoors

Children love spending time in the fresh air, and it is ideal for parents who are planning a trip. You can look for trips that involve nature walks instead of expensive attractions and look for hotels or resorts that have playgrounds to keep your children busy. You can also consider a camping trip. Let children be totally immersed in nature while also getting involved with a few basic chores, so it is a win-win for both of you.

Learn through the process

Now that you have the destination, trip, and scheduled dates ready, it is time to build excitement. It is this anticipation which will be very important before your actual trip. Have a monthly budget check-in or talk about the place you are traveling to. Start discussing what to pack and create a packing list. If you are traveling with kids, this will get them really excited about the trip. It is also a chance for you to identify what you’ll need there and invest in new gear or clothing.

Handle your expectations

While planning the big family trip, keep your expectations at bay. Do not expect that everyone in the family will have the best time and they will agree to the same type of activities or food to eat. Kids can be easy to please when you take them on an adventure, but they might not enjoy the food you offer, or the grandparents might not like the destination at all. While you are doing everything for your loved ones, you need to handle your expectations and go with the flow. Do not be upset if something goes wrong or your child throws a tantrum. As long as you come home with wonderful memories, there is nothing you should worry about.

Some of the best memories can come from simply going away from home for a few days. Irrespective of where you are going or whether you have activities scheduled or not. You can also change from your original plans if you want to. Simply go with the flow and embrace what comes. Once you have already planned and scheduled everything, do not worry about it working out just how you want it to. Focus on what the destination awaits you and build memories of a lifetime with your family.


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