Top 11 book self-publishing tips

Here are top book self-publishing tips sponsored by

Step 1 - Make sure you get an ISBN.  Don't rely on Amazon if you seek international distribution.

Step 2 - Start your marketing campaign before you complete the writing of your manuscript

Step 3 - Get a sample review of a few pages of your manuscript before paying a copy editor

Step 4 - Make sure you choose an amazing book cover design that is essential to marketing

Step 5 - Never skip out on excellent typesetting if you want a professional look

Step 6 - Use a mixture of social media to promote your book

Step 7 - Create an author blog as the centre of your social media marketing strategy

Step 8 - A well-updated blog can generate you supplementary revenue

Step 9 - For successful sales, try to devote some time on a daily basis to promotion

Step 10 - Use YouTube as part of your social media marketing strategy

Step 11 - Add AgoraCosmopolitan to your Skype contact list to ask questions to our publisher.


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