Ottawa Book Expo 2023 provides 15 tips to boost author sales

Top 15 things authors can be doing to get literally hundreds of books sold at an event like Ottawa Book Expo but didn't do resulting is missed opportunities:

1 - Not having any author blog or book website and well designed social media accounts which thoroughly talk about your book(s) and you as an author on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

2 - Having an author blog or book website which has the following problems:

- Poorly designed and generally unattractive;

- Lacks good optimization / easy navigation for users;

- Looks like a forgotten part of the internet;

3 - Having a social media account which you haven't put hardly any effort in resulting in few social media "followers".

The result of having these problems is that you're not prepared for the following subsequent stages:

4 - Creating a press release announcing your presence at an upcoming book expo / fair linked to a great, well-updated author blog and book website which piques media interest (and your social media accounts);

5 - Distributing that press release to targeted journalists and bloggers whose interests are associated with the genre of your book(s);

6 - Failing to promote interviews of you across your social media accounts; your blog(s) and then to potentially interested media;

7 - Failing to aggressively promote your own presence to local media and across social media which brings crowds of people who specifically come to the event just to see you.

- This includes building anticipation among your hopefully growing social media "followers" that you'll be at Ottawa Book Expo and look forward to meeting them in person with their own social media "followers".

8 - Failing to put on a "show biz" face during the event which attracts buyers. Authors who look grumpy, disengaged, aloof, robotic or fixated on their cell phones can expect poor sales because that's the attitude they would have had going into the event.

9 - Failing to network with successful authors during the event to learn and/or exchange tips to help support mutual success;

Some authors told us that the event paid for itself just in the new connections they developed at the event. These authors tended to be very friendly, and social.

10 - Failing to put much work into the presentation of your own booth which doesn't attract buyers. This probably also meant that you didn't spend that much time promoting yourself at the event.

11 - Failing to connect with book expo management for free tips to further boost sales including the ones mentioned here.

12 - Failing to take advantage of all free marketing opportunities during the event including opportunities to go on stage or to be interviewed during the event.

13 - Social prejudices: Authors who don't embrace diversity including "LGBTQ people" and have other latent prejudices shouldn't be seeking to be exhibitors at an event like Ottawa Book Expo. We were informed of some negativity concerning matters pertinent;

This kind of negativity will also not support your sales at such an event.

14 - Missing out on invaluable media opportunities as a result of negativity;

We have been getting media requests to interview authors after the event based upon the hard work and overall effort they put in.

This event is not designed simply to pay, show-up the day of, and do nothing else.

This event is designed for authors who regard it as providing them with a multi-faceted stepping stone not only for sales during the event but also for residual sales; networking opportunities and overall boosted exposure in the book publishing world regarding marketing / branding.

15 - Failing to continue to use media opportunities provided at the event to generate residual sales.

For Ottawa Book Expo 2023 we'll be further emphasizing professional development as part of supporting authors before, during and after our events.


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