Ottawa Book Expo 2023 begins March 3 to 5

The largest and most diversity-rich book festival of its kind in Canada's capital is welcoming authors, publishers, artisans, and entrepreneurs in Canada to be a part of its forthcoming annual book expo, which promises to be an exciting affair.

Ottawa Book Expo has become one of the largest gatherings of authors, publishers, and other professionals who are all seeking to build a strong network with each other and reach out to a larger literary audience in Ottawa, Canada, and globally. The next Expo is scheduled to take place from Friday, March 3 till Sunday, March 5, 2023, at the iconic Horticulture Building in Lansdowne Park.

New exhibitors at the book festival will get the chance to meet and interact with a wide range of new and veteran authors alongside curious readers eager to find their next read. The organizers have announced the upcoming festival will carry a maple sugar shack theme giving and promises to include Franco-Ontarian inspired menu options.  Attendees should expect to be greeted with a variety of delicious treats.

A more common scenario with most book festivals in Ottawa is that they are largely tailored to give more publicity to famous and successful writers but with the Ottawa Book Expo, everyone is given a fair amount of exposure. This way, both new and accomplished authors can get the required inspiration, guidance, and motivation to not only boost their book sales but exponentially grow their careers and professional network.  

It has become even more essential now for authors to rethink their publishing strategy with a huge digital wave blowing across the book publishing industry. Efforts that may have previously contributed to publishing and marketing success, may not be nearly as successful right now or even in the near future. Many dedicated authors who are seeking to maintain a consistent level of book quality and commercial success, while also improving their craft, understand that they will need proactively seek out the right marketing opportunities in order to boost exposure.

Ottawa Book Expo also provides great professional networking opportunities along with book marketing and distribution services which are not available through other book fairs.

Like previous festivals, this year would feature virtual booth opportunities which enable authors to secure an interview with a journalist and also boost online sales.  If you’re one of the many aspiring authors looking to learn more about available opportunities in the digital publishing space, the forthcoming book festival should be top of your priority list.

By becoming an exhibitor, you will get high-quality exposure as the organizers have special services tailored to connect you with your buyers. The Ottawa Book Expo team is leveraging on their vast experience in the Canadian book publishing industry, offering exhibitors services such as promotional articles, book reviews, press releases, book design, author blog design, author signing events, marketing consultation, book production, book listing and distribution, social media management and many others.

Another important thing to keep in mind about the Ottawa Book Expo is the organizers seek to boost social awareness on charitable causes.

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to be in front of the audience you need and give your work the attention it deserves. Find the right professionals and readers who can be a deciding factor in helping you achieve your goals and deepen your knowledge without breaking the bank by applying to become an exhibitor while early bird discounts are still available.


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