Ottawa lawyers: John Summers book points to organized corruption in the Canadian judicial system

A new book about infamous Ottawa lawyer John Summers suggests that organized corruption exists in the Canadian judicial system.

As Canadians, we generally regard our Canadian judicial system comprising of independent-minded judges who are guided by principles of impartiality and fairness.

The book entitled John Summers: The Untold Story of Corruption, Systemic Racism and Evil at Bell Baker LLP shows that's not the case.

This book proves that there are groups in Canada acting above the law that hire lawyers to perpetrate evil deeds with the collusion of cliques of judges without even the knowledge of those judges who seek to act ethically.

The machinations of John Summers against the plight of an elderly black woman whose health declined under conditions perpetuated by this Ottawa lawyer which led to her premature death is shocking.

Watch the above video to see the kinds of conditions in which a wonderful woman who was deeply committed to community service was forced to endure thanks to John Summers, his handlers and the unspeakable evil that they represent.


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