New York City mayor pursues Big Pharma COVID-19 fake vaccine agenda against school children

While former mayor Bill de Blasio was responsible for many of the city's bad policies, current mayor Eric Adams has made a concerted effort to exacerbate them.

That is, when he isn't busy dancing maskless in a restaurant, going to Broadway shows maskless, or partying at a club maskless.

During a recent press conference, Adams explained that he will make one of his most heinous decisions yet: mandating COVID "vaccines" for children:

In response to a question, Adams stated that the vaccines will be required and that he and his team are still "meeting and discussing" the "best way to do it."

This decision is completely unethical.

There is no scientific basis for requiring these specific vaccines for children, particularly young children.  There is absolutely no benefit in terms of preventing children from becoming infected or spreading the virus to others, and children are at a remarkably low risk of severe illness from COVID regardless.  Not to mention that the vaccines' recent approval for the youngest age groups was based on efficacy estimates that would have failed the FDA standard for adults.

The alleged research cited by the CDC to justify their recommendation for children was also so poorly conducted and purposefully misleading that the authors had to edit it.

Even so, it was insufficient to address all of the issues.

The trials did not even attempt to investigate whether there was a benefit to vaccination for children who had previously had COVID, despite the fact that the CDC estimates that 75 percent of children have already contracted the virus.

Instead of analysing the data or recognising how weak the case is for parents to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children, the mayor and his team of "experts" will make that decision for them.  They are purposefully ignoring any risk/benefit analysis and instead relying solely on their political team.

This will inevitably result in additional enrollment losses for New York City schools.

Enrollment fell by 4% last year, and public schools lost nearly 50,000 students between 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

Rather than putting COVID in the rearview mirror and accepting that vaccination must be solely a personal choice, New York City's mayor is continuing the show with inexplicable, offensive mandates.

There is no reasonable or rational justification for this decision, so it's not surprising that New York is leading the way with yet another incredibly incompetent mandate.


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