Ontario People's Front invites Toronto candidates for provincial election in 2022

The next provincial election is just a few months away, scheduled for June 2022 and the Ford government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic is bound to central issue.

Political experts and observers have admitted that the clouds of uncertainty that surrounds life during the pandemic will have a huge impact on the outcome of the next provincial election. While Doug Ford, the current premier of Ontario, and his party will be battling for re-election, their poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic especially during the third wave—and the uncoordinated vaccine rollout—would be a huge hindrance to their prospective electoral success.

A newly formed provincial political party, the Ontario People’s Front, will be leading the battle against the current government during the upcoming elections. The party is focused on defending human rights, protecting constitutional freedom, safeguarding the environment, and creating a Just Society for people of all works of life. With the elections just around the corner, they are calling on candidates to join them in uniting all of Ontario in a multi-partisan common front against all forms of oppression.

“This election is going to be crazy hard to predict,” said Cristine de Clercy, professor of political science at the Western University, adding that the natural inclination for voters to re-elect a first-term government would most likely not be the case this time.

“The stress and challenge of COVID has aged this government more prematurely than normal, so it could be that people are unusually ready to debate the merits of the incumbent,” she said in a report.

The party believes that the objectives for a ‘New World Order’ has undermined the intergrity of the Ford government's handling of the pandemic.  This includes scientifically unnecessary mandates and vaccine passports. Therefore, if you're one of those seeking an inclusive movement that aims to elect members of the provincial parliament who will inspire fellow Ontarians to distance themselves from the false narrative surrounding the “pandemic” and contribute towards a Just Society for all, applying to be a candidate for the Ontario People’s Front would be fortuitous.

There’s been lots of controversy surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, with prolonged lockdowns leaving many non-essential businesses, retail stores and restaurants, especially in Toronto, devasted to the point of permanent closure. In addition, the forced vaccination and its haphazard rollout plan have led to a lot of distrust and frustration with the current government.

More recently, there has been a series of high-profile individuals who have contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated against the virus. Upon his arrival at Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy, Bryan Adams disclosed on his Instagram page that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

“Here I am, just arrived in Milano, and I’ve tested positive for the second time in a month for COVID,” said the 62-year-old Canadian singer in the post. “So it’s off to the hospital for me.” He also thanked his fans for their support.

This is the second time Adams is testing positive for the virus after previous contracting it in October, though he showed no symptoms.

Popular Hollywood actor Chris Rock, who is fully vaccinated, also announced via his social media handle that he has had contracted COVID-19 after a breakthrough infection—which is when fully vaccinated individuals still contract the virus.

The Ontario People’s Front through their Pandemic Declaration believe that these “breakthrough infections” are not a coincidence as the COVID-19 virus is most likely genetically engineered baased upon the testimony of U.S. Senator Rand Paul and information about the efficacy of the vaccines are being subjected to censorship and disinformation a demoni cabal.

The same people responsible for the panic caused by the virus are equally forcing people to take their “vaccines”, regardless of how harmful it is to citizens. There have been documented cases of fatalities among young children, yet people are still being coerced to enrol in a mass vaccination program, despite the threat it poses to their lives.

There has been evidence that shows a low mortality rate of children with COVID-19. In fact, the symptoms children with the virus experience are no more than that of a common cold—all of which they can easily recover from with or without serious medications. However, in contrast, there are several risks associated with administering COVID-19 vaccines to children, but this is still being done contrary to advise from numerous medical professionals.

Political commentator and comedian Jimmy Dore during an episode of his show, discussed the dangers of administering the COVID-19 vaccines to children, citing comments from the Mexican health minister.

“The risk to a child from COVID is less than the risk from flu … that’s a fact,” he said in the report. “So, no matter what you hear from NBC News, or CNBC, or MSNBC, or CNN or Fox News or ABC News or The New York Times or the Washington Post, your child is not at risk from COVID, don’t let them scare you.”

Jorge Alcocer, Mexico’s Minister of Health, said he would not vaccinate even his own grandchildren as the COVID-19 vaccines can hinder the natural development of young children’s immune system.

The current Ontario's provincial government, led by Ford, has failed miserably in managing the COVID-19 crisis by spreading lots of misinformation, hoarding useful information, trying to forcefully implement vaccine passports, failing to promote early treatment methods, amongst others—leading to loss of lives. In light of all this, the Ontario People’s Front is calling on more Canadians to join them in furthering their movement against corruption, fascism and iniquity, while also ensuring they have qualified candidates to claim victory in the coming elections.



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