Things To Remember Before You Plan A Trip To Seville

When you go to a brand new city, there are countless things that have to be learned. However, this is something that rarely happens. It is really important that you learn all that you can about a city like Seville. The tips mentioned below will surely help you out a lot at the end of the day and will make your entire trip a pleasure.

If you want to have a wonderful vacation in Seville, remember the following.

Avoid Queues

There are countless incredible monuments that you can visit in the city of Seville. Opportunities like Withlocals’ are all around you and you can so easily enjoy the top attractions like Real Alacazar Palace. The problem is that the top tourist attractions are where most tourists go. This means you can easily end up faced with really long queues.

Seville offers a lot more than the top attractions. Also, many of these have great times to visit.

Look for alternatives to the main travel destinations. For instance, consider the Plaza del Salvador church instead of the really popular Cathedral.  All this helps you to avoid crowds and even save money.

Know All About Transportation From The Airport

The airport in Seville is around 15 kilometres away from the middle of the city. The good news is that it is really well-connected. You can take an airport bus that runs every half an hour for just 4 EURO. Obviously, you can also take a taxi if you want to. However, you want to be ready to pay 25 EURO for this privilege. Also, price can be higher during the public holidays, really early during mornings and late during nights.

Have A Photo ID And Cash On You At All Times For Payments

In Seville, many of the popular destinations feature locations where credit cards are accepted. However, this is not the case with the smaller stores and bars. It is possible that there is a sticker put on the windows telling you that credit cards are accepted but when the bill comes, this is not actually the case.

Make sure that you have cash on you at all times. This should include smaller bills, not just higher denominations. When you want to pay with a credit card, get ready to show your photo ID. This is necessary for most parts of Spain. Even if you are not asked for days, it still means that there is a possibility the ID will be needed.

Eat Your Meals Where Locals Eat

This is surely a tip that everyone hears but unfortunately, few people respect. Spain is a huge confusion source for all visitors. There are times when you have no idea where to eat and you just go to the very first restaurant you find. This can easily make everything a lot more expensive than it should be. At the same time, there are situations in which you cannot find places to eat as they are closed.

Talk with locals and see where they eat. This can open the doors to some incredible experiences you are surely going to appreciate.

At the same time, remember that when it comes to tapas, things are complicated in Seville. You never want to order too much because of the fact that you might receive a lot more than what you initially expected. The size of tapas does vary a lot from one bar to the next. There is nothing wrong with ordering more if you want more but it can be a problem if you get much more than what you initially needed.

Wear Really Comfortable Walking Shoes

When you start walking in Seville, you are guaranteed to not want to actually stop. You will want to visit the historic center and this is where not much public transport exists. Because of this, it is always important to have comfortable walking shoes. You will surely explore cobblestone streets while on foot. This can easily become a huge hassle when you have shoes that are not at all comfortable.

To sum up, Seville is a wonderful city for all tourists but it is better to take your time. This is because there is a lot that you can visit and you want to plan everything properly or you will end up not enjoying a lot of what the city has to offer.


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