Don’t Miss Out on These 5 Expert Travel Tips Before Your Next Flight

Although it's exhilarating to tour the world, travelling for hours can be a tiring, whether it be by road, rail, or most conveniently, by air. At the overcrowded airport, some enervating things like flight delays, overpriced snacks, can make travel experiences not meet expectations.

A flight attendant, Bianca DiValerio, who also writes a blog, gave some tips to 2 travel, on how to make travelling efficient and make the most out of your trip.

1. Do not pack to much

People, who tend to carry all their belongings on a trip, are not planning for their comfort. Carrying too much stuff can be merely exhausting for them.

DiValerio says that if travelling alone, a small hand-carry bag should be enough to fit all important stuff. But, if travelling with family, instead of carrying your suitcase by yourself, you should check your bags, as that process is sped up by most airlines.

She also advises that, instead of filling up packing space with stuff like toiletries, you can easily purchase them at your destination.

2. Be at the airport early

It’s better to be early than late. Most of the time, the aircraft actually departures according to the scheduled time. Your seat can be given away to a standby. Hence, you should get there before time.

More specifically, for domestic departures, get on the airport an hour before the flight time, and for international departures, two hours earlier.

3. A little exercise never hurt anybody

Now that you have arrived beforehand at the airport as per the second tip, you must be looking for some activity to pass the time. Instead of engaging yourself in your phonesor hitting a restaurant or coffee shop in there and paying for extremely overpriced snacks which perhaps aren’t even that tasty, you should exercise a bit and walk around as you are going to be sitting in one posture for the next few hours of flight. Enjoy the excitement all around you before your flight. However, if you feel the environment around you is a bit chaotic and is getting you sick, you can definitely pass your time by watching some downloaded episodes of your favourite series.

4. Be careful not to get too drunk

Remember the story of the woman who got in a fight because the flight attendant won’t give her more beer. One drink during your flight can get you high, due to the low cabin pressure, there is less oxygen- this means one drink equals two in a flight. So, if you do not want to seem and feel like a drunken mess, do not drink much. There are too many stories of drunken passengers kicked off a plane, you do not want to be one.

5. Be benevolent with the cabin crew

No doubt that flight delays are a nightmare, but, that does not mean you should transfer any of the discontent you may feel, on the crew- as they are not responsible for this discontent. In fact, the delay is bad for them too, as it means they aren’t getting paid. DiValerio said that their pay starts when the forward entry door is closed, and thus, whenever there is a delay due to technical difficulties, unfavourable weather conditions, or medical emergencies, they don’t make any money.

Hence, when you are stuck on the plane, you should show a little kindness, as just like you, the crew is also as anxious- as just like you, the attendants also have to fulfil commitments once reaching the destination. Thus, try to maintain a friendly relationship with your attendants.


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