Used Cars -- Four key buying tips

(NC) — The new school year means new classes, new friends and, for many students, a new commute. Most students have to hit the road before they can hit the books, so finding a reliable car on a student budget is the semester's first lesson.

Whether you're a student heading to your first new home-away-from-home, or looking for a cool but reliable way to get to class, there's still time to find the perfect used vehicle. Here are some practical, simple tips to help you find the perfect car on a budget, as well as a list of the most reliable used cars under $10,000:

1. Always ask the seller for the Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) and request a copy of the vehicle's CarProof Vehicle History Report.

2.  Have a professional inspection done by a licensed technician. This can help avoid unanticipated problems and expenses later on.

3. Arrange the test drive when the engine is completely cold to get a better idea of how the car starts, regardless of how long it's been parked.

4.  Count the miles and the time. Vehicles today are built to last longer than vehicles built decades ago. You may need to consider some maintenance when a vehicle has accumulated over 100,000 kilometres.


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