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Why Canadians need to get a police clearance when seeking study or employment in Australia

If you’re a Canadian national looking to relocate to Australia and work there, or if you’re a young person wishing to work there while visiting the country, you will be required to secure a visa. As with all types of visas for foreigners who want to go to Australia, you will be required to pass a character test, which implies submitting to a background check.

Are you a skilled worker?

The easiest way to obtain a permit to work in Australia is to be invited by a local business to work for them. Under Australian law, such visas are extended to people who have special skills that are in short supply on the local market. When you apply for a work visa, you will be required to submit documents proving you have secured an employment offer with an Australian company.

However, this is just the beginning, as Australia has very strict laws when it comes to visas. To be allowed to work in Australia, you will have to meet certain health requirements and pass an English test, which should not be a problem for most Canadian citizens.

Typically, to apply for a work visa for Australia, you should be younger than 45 years old.

The character check

Part of the application process is submitting to a character check, which is very thorough. The most important part refers to your criminal record.

If you haven’t been in trouble with the law, you have nothing to worry about, but you will probably be asked to provide a police check by the relevant authority in Canada. However, if you have some criminal convictions on your record, it might be next to impossible to obtain a working visa. According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, people who have been sentenced to more than 12 months in prison will be denied a working visa.

People with any sort of sexual offence on their record will probably fail the character check. So will those who have engaged in human trafficking or committed crimes involving torture or slavery.

Be advised that, no matter what you write on your application, you will probably be required to present a police check. In some cases, if you’re relocating with your family, your partner might also be required to undergo a police check.

If you have lived in Australia for more than 12 months anytime in the past, you will also be required to provide a police check to prove you have not engaged in any sort of criminal activity while there. Canadians must obtain their background checks for visa purposes directly from the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Background checks for employment can also easily be obtained online using the services of an Australian character check agency, such as from the character check website www.australiannationalcharactercheck.com.au, which is used by both locals and people all over the world.

Working Holiday in Australia

Under Australian law, Canadian citizens up to the age of 35 can apply for a Working Holiday visa, which allows them to visit the country and get a job while there. Such visas are issued for 12 months and can be renewed for another year.

The conditions are the same as for those looking to relocate to Australia. As part of the character test, you will be required to submit a police check from your country of origin or other places where you have lived in the past decade.

Why Canadians should consider Australia for study or employment

So, why might you consider working or studying in Australia, despite needing a police check?

The Aussie land — Australia — is still known to be one of the most popular backpacking and working holiday destinations in the world. Canadians will probably make contact with other diverse travellers, and source mates to go on a long, fun road trip across Australia’s vast lands or to share accommodation with.

Australia is an English-speaking country. It is easy for most Canadians to navigate, as maps are well established and roads are clearly marked.

The economy in Australia depends on work, and travellers looking for casual work in many sectors such as hospitality, tourism, transport, or even on farms are a big part of this. For those looking for a boost in their personal careers, the Australian hospitality industries are well known internationally for excellence in customer-oriented service.

Once you have completed a job role in Australia, you will be able to continue your education or even jump-start a career if you decide to stay.

Should you wish to include a study component in your travels, it is possible to do that as well! An Australian Working Holiday Visa for Canadians enables you to study for up to a period of four months should you decide to extend your stay.

Further to this, with the large number of amazing beaches and the sunny weather, travelling to Australia can be a good opportunity to escape the Canadian cold and experience a new adventure in a land that is known for its relaxed lifestyle and sunny beach culture.

Wrapping up, Australia offers a good opportunity for Canadians who are looking for a working vacation, employment, or study that they will remember for the rest of their lives!


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