Halifax street style: Charles Street

Name: Stevie Fort

Age: 24

Occupation: Barista, co-owner of The Bounty

Wearing: Scarf, Urban Outfitters; jacket, Paul Levy (thrifted); purse, Coach (thrifted); dress, Addition Elle; boots, Blundstone

Favourite local spots to find hidden gems?

I found my jacket at the Guy’s Frenchys in Lower Sackville. For some reason they have some amazing outerwear and plus-size brand names that we don’t find new locally. I also find myself at Big Pony often. I either stop in for a laugh or if I'm in need of a good accessory. 

What kinds of things do you consider when putting an outfit together in the morning?

It sounds boring, but I’m interested in comfort and convenience. I love soft clothes and black clothes. I want to be able to pile on layers and take them off with ease throughout the day. 

Where do you draw style inspiration from?

I am inspired by so many fat femmes from the internet! Being part of The Bounty also inspires me. With it being a second hand clothing venture, I get to bring my vision for style and accessibility to other fat babes in Halifax. Right now, we bring affordable plus size clothing to the community through our pop up shops.

If your clothes could talk, what would they say about you?

“Listen, I know some people tell you that you should replace me because of my many holes, but I’m happy just the way we are- the holes just prove we’ve been on some adventures!” - My favourite black dres.

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