Craft Your Own Beer

(NC) -- Fun loving DIYers who pride themselves on homemade quality and craftsmanship are extending this philosophy to a new outlet, namely 'home brewing'. Best of all, this philosophy is also impressing their friends.

Pride in the ability to create their own signature craft beer combined with easy-to-use at-home beer kits plus the soaring popularity of craft beer, is propelling many Canadians to create their own signature brews.

“Today there are a variety of beer making kits available that reduce the guess work and time requirements for making beer from scratch,” says Gavin Hawthorne of Brewer's Best Canada, a leading name in this field. “Our company offers a true, craft beer making experience. The kit comes complete with instructions plus all of the ingredients you need to make a great tasting beer such as India Pale Ale or Gluten Free Ale.”

Hawthorne says home brewing is easy but people should follow the instructions carefully. He points out the biggest mistake people make when brewing is not properly cleaning and sanitizing the equipment, bottles, and utensils before use. “You wouldn't bake a cake with dirty dishes, and the same goes for making beer.”

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Home Beer Brewing Tips

• When using a beer kit, keep these helpful tips from Brewer's Best handy:

• To keep your brew on track, create a written brewing schedule and carefully record the time of each step.

• Follow instructions provided and remember to keep your working area and equipment sanitized.

• Hops, a key ingredient in beer, can be poisonous for dogs. Keep the ingredients and mixture away from your canine friend.

• Once bottled, store your beer in a dark, warm, temperature-stable area for two weeks to allow for proper carbonation.


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