Gluten Free Cereal: Kashi's Organic Simply Maize Over Nature's Path Honey'd Corn Flakes

Trying to find a delicious and relatively nutritious breakfast cereal can be a challenge when you're seeking to be gluten free.

However, having been gluten free mostly by choice, I have found that I have much more energy for althetic and other activities.

I cut down by half-marathon running time by 15 minutes the year I began to go gluten free.

In my view, Kashi's Organic Simply Maize is so much better than Nature's Path corn flakes in both taste and quality of the product.

I have a simple method for evaluating breakfast cereal.

The better the quality is the more I can eat the cereal like chips right out of the box.  A quality cereal should be able to stand on its own without the milk and tons of fruit and other stuff you might choose to put on it.

I found Kashi's cereal right out of the box to be flavourful with is fabuolus for a gluten free cereal.  On the other hand, in my view, Nature's Path's corn flakes was the typical peculiar tasting gluten free option for cereal which reminded me of cardboard.

I finished the whole box of Kashi having it like a snack whereas Nature's Path to me was totally not edible.

Kashi's cereal also seems to be more nurtitious having checked its Nutrition Facts.   A serving of Kashi contains 6% of your daily needs and Nature's Path only 2%

Kashi also contains 6% of your needs for Iron.  Nature's Path's corn flakes only contains 2%.

Kashi also boasts 6% Thiamine,6% Niacin, 8% Vitamin B6, 6% Phosphorous, 10% Magnesium and 6% Zinc.  Nature's Path's didn't mention any of these vitamins and minerals in its Nutrition Facts.

That's why I pick Kashi's Simply Maize hands down in this "battle" of gluten free choices.


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