Montreal: Quebec Cooking Socials Brings Together Home Cooks on April 13th

Do you like to cook or bake or want to learn how to cook or bake in order to impress your significant other, family or friends?

Or, are you seeking to improve your cooking skills?

Or do you want to learn about uniquely Québec-style cuisine?

Or are you a "cooking voyeur" who likes to go to cooking demos or restaurants with open kitchens and then dine afterwards?

Québec-Style Cooking Socials seek to bring together members who share an interest in Québec's diverse cuisine and who would either like to learn or further their cooking and/or baking skills in Québec-style cuisine

They will host diverse cooking demos on a range of different popular dishes in Québec starting from traditional dishes associated with famous and the unique Maple Sugar Shacks found in Québec this spring.

Please note that they will need to pay Chefs for their time and ingredients used for the fabulous classes that they plan.

Expand friendships with other people who share an interest in Québec cuisine as part of the diversity of Canadian cuisine.

Members can request what kind of Québec dish we will learn to prepare.

This new Montréal group called Québec Cooking Socials is also arranging with a Chef the making and having our own customized cooking class of Quebec classic dishes but upscaled for the cabane à sucre season.

Early Bird Price - $36.00

Regular Price - $49.00

Here's their April 13th Menu

Cour 1 :

Soupe aux pois traditionnelle
Crust-free Tourtière
White mashed potatoes topped with sweet potato mash
Dessert : Mousse à l’érable

Cour 2 :

Maple-glazed turkey
Pouding Chômeur

They also plan to serve coffee, tea, rustic breads, marinated veggies and beets and bottled water.


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