Lund University’s Marcella Carby-Samuels Sided With Father Against Abused, Neglected Mom

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Arguably, upon hearing that a father was abusing and neglecting their Mom, most daughters would try to somewhat get the abuse to stop.  Who would want their own Mom to be subjected to emotional, psychological abuse... right?  But, apparently, this was not the approach taken by Marcella Carby-Samuels who was selected by Lund University to be enrolled in one of their supposedly socially progressive oriented PhD programmes.  

When Marcella was informed of the abuse, she simply elected to contact Horace Carby-Samuels, her father to further show her support for him through both email and phone contacting.  She didn't miss any opportunity to stroke his ego.  Marcella seemed to think whatever abuse her Mom she got, she deserved it.  Indeed, Marcella who is quite a big, powerful lady had been known to abuse her own husband to tears in her spates of rage that she would go it.  Men too can be the victim of spousal abuse, but the men are usually too embarrassed to report it.

Horace would show emails from Marcella to Dezrin Carby-Samuels and in not one of these emails Marcella didn't even acknowledge her Mom's existence -- she sent no love or any other message for that matter which too was very upsetting to Raymond  This made Dezrin very tearful.  Dezrin once remarked that “she had no more tears left to cry.”

When Raymond, her bother, tried to help his Mom in the total absence of any daughter's support for Dezrin, do you know what Marcella did?

On 8 January 2015, Marcella began to mastermind an apparent plan.  She began calling the Ottawa Police against her brother, and began to urge to her father that he do the same.  She in collusion with her father hatched a story that Raymond “suffers from mental illness” and he ought not to be listened to.  

In one of these episodes of public mischief, while Raymond dutifully cooked for his Mom and everyone who came in late – Marcella was visiting from Lund in Sweden – in a spate of jealously, Marcella became enraged, called the cops.  She made up some lie that  her brother was causing a “domestic dispute”.  

Dezrin was so shocked thinking that she was going to have a relaxing evening eating a meal that she did not have to prepare, begged and begged Marcella not to call the police.  As Dezrin trembled, Marcella looked her Mom right in the eye, and called the police anyway without a care in the world at how it would effect either Dezrin or her brother who has been previously subject to racial profiling by the police.

That's the kind of person who Marcella is.  She'll smile effervescently when she thinks its expedient while pursuing apparent campaigns of deception that all appear to be linked with some kind of financial reward; and how can someone who shows such ruthlessness to the very person that brought them into this world be trusted by anyone at any level?

Marcella a few weeks after hired an apparent dirty cop named Robert Griffin Jr who after a series of fabricated calls engineered by Marcella to the Police eventually got Raymond barred from seeing his own Mother at her home in late April 2015 on the fabricated pretext of Marcella's lies.   

Raymond has only seen his Mother once since that time and that was on 12 June 2015 thanks again to Marcella's efforts to make up lies in her campaign to fabricate reasons to get Raymond thrown in jail.  Marcella had sought to exploit anti-black male racism in the Ottawa Police and use it to her advantage.

Having been separated from Dezrin's primary care giver, who had been Raymond, who also had been protecting his Mom from being abused, Dezrin lost the ability to talk, write and walk.  One doctor said that the trauma of the separation and the worsening abuse at the hands of Horace were responsible for Dezrin's decline in health.

Marcella is no stranger to lies.  That's how she got into Lund University in the first place.  She used her maiden name to conceal the fact that she's married to David Tenenbaum, who was quietly manipulating her PhD application pretending to be a dispassionate academic who was not connected to Marcella who is actually his wife!

Marcella who had been fond to laugh at the Swedes with her Swedish chef impersonations of a Muppet Show character [above video] used to laugh at how she was able to so easily deceive the Swedes and use her husband to further advance her PhD in the department toward an easy coronation.  With David Tenenbaum manipulating the whole process with his wife, Marcella was a shoe-in to getting her PhD.

Did Marcella side with the father because she hope to protect her financial interests, since Horace had been controlling both his and his wife's money against Dezrin's better judgement?  You be the judge.  Notably, Marcella has only ever remembered her Mother's birthday once or twice at the age of 44.  It is within this context that Marcella choose to throw her very own Mom in the hands of an abuser 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week from late April 2015.  During that time, Horace blocked Dezrin from getting access to speech therapy that had been recommended by Dr. Lisa Fischer at the Bruyere Hospital and also blocked other social service access when Dezrin needed it the most, and all of this was willfully being executed under Marcella's macabre machinations.

At The Canadian for her "lovely" treatment of her Mom, we dedicate the song below to Marcella Carby-Samuels.

Marcella like former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi has had a very progressive smiling political face with a private life inflicting violence and deception.

The City of Ottawa had endorsed a Peace Vigil at Dezrin's residence at 30 Jarlan Terrace in Kanata, Ontario, where this once dedicated RN and outstanding member of the community has been made an essentially a prisoner of her own home.  You can help by mailing flowers to Dezrin or singing the following petition -


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