Petition: Day 513 – Ottawa's Horace Carby-Samuels Puts Disabled Wife Through Living Hell

Here, at The Canadian, we're covering the on-going horrific oppression of the human rights of Dezrin Carby-Samuels in her Ottawa home.  It is important to consider just what kind of Hell this poor woman has been subjected to.  Think, for a moment, you not being able to walk, write or talk for more than 500 days.  For most of us, that would be Hell enough.  But, for Dezrin Carby-Samuels the hell created for her by Horace her own husband, and Marcella her very own daughter is even worse.

Let's just imagine that you have been slaving for over 50 years to cook, clean and go everything you possibly could do for your significant other.  You ever quit your career.  Add to that you having literally saved the life of your significant other more than once.

Imagine yourself 5'0 tall and just over 100 lbs compared to your significant other who is 6'4” and nearly 200 lbs with a large build having been a former athlete.

Then imagine you developing an illness that with the proper treatment and right balance of nutrition could be managed or even cured.  Now imagine that just when you learned of this ailment you became the target of psychological abuse which morphed into physical abuse by the partner that you had been supporting emotionally and economically for more than 50 years.

Now imagine your son stepping up to the plate by ensuring your access to medical services and even doing grocery shopping and then cooking for you as your husband further neglected you.  Then imagine your husband getting jealous that your son was helping you manifesting in your husband attacking your son with a kitchen knife almost severing off one of his fingers.

Then imagine that your jealous husband plotting to get rid of your son by calling and lying to the police that your son suffers from “mental illness” which made him, your son, violent and that he has holding him and you “hostage” resulting in the police evicting your son from the premises, and you never seeing your son again – or at least for more than 500 days.

Then imagine that with your son now evicted, your husband accelerated his torture and neglect of you resulting in you totally losing your ability to walk, write and talk.  You are now the captive of an abuser.

A doctor recommends you get weekly speech therapy to save your voice, but your husband who you have done everything for, blocks it!  No speech therapy for you!

Then imagine that your husband hires a dirty cop like Detective Robert Griffin to ensure that your son is threatened not to try to visit you.  You hear of your son trying to call and reach you but you can't run to the door, you can't scream, and you can't sneak notes to anyone.

You're now the prisoner of an abuser, who screams at you morning, night and day -- Telling you how worthless you are.  As you get more and more sick, he ridicules you and even physically abuses you.  When you're hungry and becoming thin from a lack of food, you significant other cooks for himself, eats, and watches TV downstairs - totally oblivious to your needs upstairs.  You only see him when he remembers you to shout, scream and further ridicule you.

Social services comes to your door several times but like your son, they too are blocked by your significant other / husband. 

Conditions around you start to become unsanitary because after all, it was you and not your husband which kept things clean.

For days and weeks you are without to any proper access to the food you need to reverse your condition.  Your only access to food consists of little more than potato chips and other junk food.

You want to cook for yourself, but can't.  You are either ignored or attacked where you live.  Your health worsens.  Your spouse instead of showing the love and empathy of most husbands ridicules and screams at you.

You want to take a shower, but your husband interest in you is for little more than abuse.  Soon you begin to smell of feces since you have become immobilized.

Your daughter rather than trying to help you like your son, sees this as an opportunity to send you to an early grave so she can seize control of assets.  Your daughter decides to support her father's abuse of her Mother so that her father will sign over the family will in her name only.  Your daughter makes up stories to embellish the lies of her father and presides over you as a co-abuser simply to ensure that she gets the control of family assets.

Your own brother, sister and the rest of your extended family and friends either don't want to get “involved” because they don't care or are apparently too scared of your husband and threats by his dirty cop to get involved.

You have been deserted by everyone accept your son and social service personnel that have been blocked in getting you the support that you need.

Finally, you hear your son at the door after nearly one year who has a court order to get you the support that you need.  He is with the “regular police” rather than the dirty cop that your husband has been using.  However, your husband refuses both their access.  You are powerless to scream out for the help the police would need to enter the premises.

This is the kind of Hell that Dezrin Carby-Samuels has been living under for more than 500 days!   The video above show Raymond attempting to visit his Mom at 30 Jarlan Terrace in Ottawa, with the support of a Court Order.

Do you agree that Dezrin has been living a Hell?  Help support her civil and human rights not to be controlled by an abuser.

Support an online petition against her abusive husband.

Or, make a donation here -

Look at the above video to see Raymond being blocked from seeing his Mom having received a court Order on 11 February 2016.


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