Yellow Lights Over Toronto Suggests Alien Message - Canada's Bermuda Triangle

Recently, many Torontonians were confused by some an eerie yellowing hovering over the city with no obvious cause.

CBC facetiously remarked on its website - "Fire in the sky? Alien takeover? Just plain weird science?"

Could this be "hinding truth in plain sight"?  Dr. Michael Salla suggests that aliens through journalism and movies seek to "tip off" humans.

Some suggest that this yellowing of Toronto's sky was linked to some "human activity" on BMO Field in downtown Toronto.

Let's get serious.  Not even lights coming from Toronto's tallest structure - the CN Tower - could create such a weird yellow haze like that over the city.

Most people in Toronto are unaware that Lake Ontario where their city sits has had a more notorious reputation than the Bermuda Triangle for apparent interdimensional alien activity.

This is documented in a video episode of "In Search Of" that had been hosted by Leonard Nimoy.

If this yellowing is an alien message it's apparent that its not a very good one.

Such messages have apparently also been encoded by alleged manipulative aliens that were responsible for the Bible's Bok of Revelation.

Could aliens be seeking to warn humanity of its destruction or of a global war to similarly light up the skies?

Three months ago a UFO eyewitness recorded some kind of apparent interdimensional alien activity manifesting in a yellow distortion or entity hovering over Lake Ontario. (video below)

Could yellowing be an alien attempt to simulate a destructive message and how might that be linked to Toronto's proximity to "Canada's Bermuda Triangle"?


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