Day 827: Ottawa Police Abuses: Detective Robert Griffin Video May Be Released Early

A witness with cell phone video on Detective Robert Griffin's assault against an elderly woman's son that this Detective harassed for months may be released early on YouTube instead of waiting for the trial to begin against the Ottawa Police.

"I have noticed how video can make a big impact on how victims get treated by the courts," says "witness K".

In the Abdi and Roxanne Carr case, video was effectively used to bring the Ottawa Police to justice.

"I will have to consult my lawyer before getting the video released.  But if the Ottawa Police continue to impede Ms. D and her son seeing each other very soon, I may be releasing this video soon for all too see," elaborated "witness K" whose identity has been kept in confidence for now.

Watch the above video for more background information about Ottawa Detective Robert's Griffin's campaign of harassment which led to an elderly woman not being able to walk, talk or write anymore.

For now 827 days, since 20 April 2015, the Ottawa Police Services Elderly Abuse Unit have been maintaining their House of Torture against an elderly woman by forcing her to be subjected to an abusive husband while keeping her cut off from her son and others who have sought to help her.

Ms D sought help from the Ottawa Police Elderly Abuse Unit.  That's why she got her son to discreetly had them a note that she was being abused by her husband when they had visted her at her Kanata home.  However, do you know what they did?  The so-called Elder Abuse Unit did the unthinkable!  They ignored the note and the weeps and cries of her seeing them ignore the note.  They then immediately proceeded to evict the son so the husband could have what the visiting police called "privacy" with his wife.

You mean, privacy so that Ms D husband could slap and hit his wife some more?

This so-called "privacy" resulted in Ms D's husband subjecting his wife to continued abuse and neglect until she could walk no longer and was no longer able to speak or write.

Meanwhile, the liars in the Elder Abuse Unit said they visited her and told Ms D son that he need not be concerned because she was "okay".

It turns out the Elder Abuse Unit was lying the whole time.  Perhaps they were enjoying "the show" as those police officers who beat up the unarmed Abdi to death?

Witnesses from social service agencies volunteered to testify against the Elder Abuse Unit and Ms D in court.

At least, that's what they told Ms D. son who recorded the conversation and has it in trust with members of a committee of social activists.

When Ms D.'s son saw his Mom on 12 June 2015 it became self-evident that the Elder Abuse Unit was being run by an apparent clique or dirty cops with callous disregard for human rights and the welfare of the elderly.

When these apparent rogue / dirty cops found out that social service agents were ready to testify against them, they sent Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin to threaten these social service agents on 15 June 2015 at their Merivale offices.  This same "fine" Dectective then started his campaign of harassment against Ms D's son which was only stopped after Robert Griffin and his posse of operatives were confronted by a lawsuit from Ms D's son. This harassment included text messages, uttering threats at his doorstep in Kanata and stalking him in plain clothes in an unmarked police car demanding that he stop telling family and friends about the abuse reminscent of Nazis just before Hitler took over Germany.

Ms. D and her son (along with other people) have not been able to see each other for more than two years as Elder Abuse Unit has colluded with Ms D's husband in the abuse of his wife.

Help support of a Legal Fund to liberate Ms D from being made a prisoner in her own home by "fine" Detectives like Robert J Griffin who engaged in apparent unlawful activities to maintain this House of Torture.

You too can make a donation!  Email your support to  Donations of over $100 receive one of many books available as a gift.


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