Ontario People's Front leader criticizes Joel Harden's NDP in Ottawa-Centre: Social Justice

During the all-candidates debate, riding incumbent and representative of the NDP, Joel Harden, made a passionate plea to the voters about his party’s commitments to a variety of social justice issues including social housing, universal public health care and many others. While Samuels equally supports tackling social justice issues as stated by the NDP, however, he has criticised their commitment to these said issues based on the contradictory actions of elite members of the party, especially during the pandemic. Mrs Andrea Horwath, leader of the NDP, championed harsh pandemic policies while professing these particular values, said Samuels.

Last year, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announced a billion-dollar fund to aid provinces in Canada to create their own vaccine passports—a document that would be used publicly as proof of vaccination against COVID-19, especially in places where vaccination is being mandated. This approach alongside other quasi-military policies towards containing the spread of the coronavirus was cheered on by Horwath and by extension, the NDP.

With an NDP led government in Ottawa-Centre, despite Harden’s supposed commitment to investing in these social justice issues that have been long left uncatered for, the reality is that there would be billions of dollars being tied up into vaccination passports, digital identification and anything else that the biotechnology political industrial complex would want, said Samuels.

“An NDP-led government would not be putting money into these professed areas of homelessness and social policy including social housing and universal public health care to improve long-term care facilities,” said Samuels in a video statement.

“Instead, all these would be relegated to promote Mrs Horwath’s agenda which is to pump substantial billions of dollars into a quasi-martial law environment in response to the pandemic, undermining our civil rights and liberties.”

The frantic response currently perpetrated, which is inconsistent with the verifiable independent scientific knowledge about the appropriate response to the pandemic is what the Ontario People’s Front wants to eradicate when elected, said Samuels. Under the guise of improving social justice in hopes to win the vote of electorates, the NDP—alongside the Liberals and the Greens—are in full support of the enforced vaccination and even digital ID programs being quietly pushed by the Premier.

For years, there has been constant clamour into improving several societal issues around homelessness and healthcare but the supposed lack of budget has always been perceived as a hindrance. However, with the biotech companies pushing for enforced vaccination, suddenly, billions of dollars became available for this course, argued Samuels.

Electorates must be fully aware of every façade being perpetrated by the NDP and other main parties in Ottawa. While wearing facemasks at supermarkets and other public spaces isn’t mandatory, Samuels disapproves of Harden’s office still mandating everyone at their campaign office to wear them, going against established public healthcare guidelines and pointing to the level of extremist policies that may be introduced if the NDP is elected.

The Ontario People’s Party Leader has also criticised the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation for cowering to political pressure by endorsing the candidates of both the NDP and the Liberal Party. The union said that it selected its candidates based on their strong approach to supporting public education. However, their choices seem to have been riddled with hypocrisy as these candidates have not publicly articulated their plans for improving the educational sector like other candidates from minority parties, said Samuels.

Ottawa-Centre debates have been riddled with controversy where moderators from state-owned broadcaster Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) continually showed preference towards airing the views of candidates from four main parties—the Liberal Party, Conservative Party, New Democratic Party (NDP) and Green Party—while neglecting candidates from other parties and censoring their opinions. Raymond Samuels, the leader of the Ontario People’s Front was a victim of this political manipulation and censorship during debates moderated by former CBC anchor, Lucy Van Oldenbarneveld and another CBC anchor Amanda Pfeffer—with both promoting the same corrupt political agenda.



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