Monkeypox has been genetically engineered like COVID-19 says American doctor

Dr. Jane Ruby believes that COVID-19 so-called vaccines make people susceptible to a variety of diseases: "These shots are weakening people's immune systems."

So what's going to happen is that they'll become prey to all kinds of opportunistic infections, and you'll just see a degradation of immune power," Ruby explained to host Stew Peters on a recent episode of the "Stew Peters Show."

The veteran medical professional and pharmaceutical drug development expert also stated that the possibility of vaccine-induced HIV-AIDS being transmitted sexually needs to be explored further.  She explained that the vaccine's HIV-AIDS can be transmitted through bodily fluids.

The host of Brighteon."Dr. TV's Jane Ruby Show" also discussed getting blood donations from the vaccinated.

"This is really a big concern for a lot of people because the American Red Cross has been doing this for a long time without a safety screening programme in place," Ruby said, adding that she is unaware of any studies being done on blood donation from vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Ruby compared receiving vaccinated blood to receiving the Novavax vaccine, which is now approved in some parts of the world and is reportedly on its way to the United States.

She mentioned that this injection uses a moth to produce billions of spike proteins.

"And then they just inject them directly into you."

So how is this different from receiving vaccinated blood from someone who produces millions or billions of spike proteins?

"It's extremely hazardous," Ruby explained.

Peters answered a viewer's question about the impact of monkeypox on people who are now immunocompromised as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Many people, according to Ruby, are unaware of what monkeypox is, other than the fact that it causes shingles.

She went on to say that shingles is one of those viral diseases that appear when a person's immune system is damaged, degraded, or down for whatever reason.

Monkeypox is another bioweapon developed in Wuhan.

Peters noted that monkeypox is not a relatively harmless disease because it is most likely the result of gain-of-function research.

"In the same lab in Wuhan, China, this was commercially engineered as a bioweapon."

Bill Gates is the driving force behind this, and it has been weaponized for the purpose of intentional destruction and death.

So the monkeypox that is circulating here will be resistant to all vaccines, but they will push you towards a vaccine that will not be a vaccine.

"It will be mRNA technology that is also gene editing, DNA altering, dangerous, and lethal," Peters predicted.

Ruby agreed that it is completely weaponized, despite the fact that the alleged cases show that people are not gravely ill.

According to Peters, anyone who contracted COVID-19 and simply let their immune system take care of it has survived, especially if they don't have any serious underlying comorbidities.

He went on to say that 99.989 percent of people who got COVID-19 survived on their own without any help, and that this is something that people should remember.

Check out Peter Tremblay's book HERE on the genetic engineering of COVID-19.


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