Joe Biden regime seeks to provoke World War III to expedite dystopian New World Order?

Installed President Joe Biden, who was elected to the Office of the President under suspicious circumstances, is now reportedly hastening America's demise by inciting Putin to launch a retaliatory strike against US and NATO targets.

The Biden regime has promised to send HIMARS weapon systems to Ukraine, claiming that Ukraine has "assured" Washington D.C. that the weapons will not be used to launch attacks against Russian territory.  This has been widely reported in the business press.

Despite those assurances, a high-level Ukraine spokesperson (see below) stated that the HIMARS weapons would be used to attack Crimea, a region that has long self-identified as Russian territory (although Ukraine disputes this and claims Crimea belongs to Ukraine).

"Ukraine Says It May Use US Weapons to Invade Russia," writes

When the White House announced on June 1st that it would be sending weapons to Ukraine that could be used to invade Russia, Jonathan Finer, deputy White House national security adviser, stated that Washington had asked Ukraine for assurances that the missiles would not strike inside Russia.

Ukraine's government rejected that request on June 3rd.

Reuters reported at the time that "Biden announced the plan to give Ukraine precision HIMARS rocket systems after receiving assurances from Kyiv that it would not use them to hit targets inside Russian territory."

According to RT, Ukrainian official Alexey Arestovich then broke that promise:

Despite the fake "assurances" that US weapons will not be used against Russian territory, a Ukrainian presidential aide says Kiev may strike Crimea.

Ukraine will use US-supplied rocket systems to launch attacks into Russian territory if such attacks are deemed necessary, according to Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Alexey Arestovich on Thursday.

Russia and Ukraine both regard Crimea as their own territory.

Putin promises to retaliate against cities in the United States and NATO.

If Ukraine uses HIMARS weapons supplied by the US to attack Russian territory, Russia will respond by deploying new long-range weapons against new targets, which could include US or NATO cities or military bases.

The Epoch Times reported this over the weekend in a story titled, "Putin Warns Russia Will Strike New Targets If US Gives Ukraine New Missiles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on June 5 that if the US supplied Ukraine with longer-range missiles, Russia would strike new targets.

"If they are supplied, we will draw appropriate conclusions and use our own weapons, of which we have plenty, to strike at those facilities we have not yet targeted," one translation of Putin's remarks says.

That translation, however, contradicts another, which clarifies Putin's intention to use "new weaponry" to strike targets "that have not yet been struck," which appears to mean beyond Ukraine.

Putin's comments may be left ambiguous, and translations may differ.

Keep in mind that, with a few exceptions, Fox News, like CNN, is merely a mouthpiece for the military industrial complex.

Putin is unlikely to be bluffing.

Anyone who believes NATO can stop Russia's missiles should be asked why NATO hasn't stopped Russia's missiles in Ukraine.

Putin could use these platforms to launch fuel-air explosives (also known as thermobaric bombs), EMP weapons, or even tactical nuclear weapons against targets in Poland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, or even the United States.

Biden is handing Putin the military justification he needs to escalate his retaliatory attacks against NATO targets by delivering HIMARS weapons to Ukraine and watching Ukraine use them to attack Russia, because NATO would be directly involved in the war against Russia if Ukraine used NATO weapons to attack Russian territory.

Remember, this is on top of America's military leaders openly boasting about providing the satellite imagery and targeting solutions that enabled Ukraine to sink a Russian submarine in the Black Sea.

Is preventing World War III Biden's true goal?

Is he attempting to provoke Putin into retaliatory escalation in order to spark a true world war before the midterm elections in the United States, where Democrats are widely expected to lose politically?

We believe so, but this is just our current opinion, which is subject to change as circumstances dictate.


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