Choosing the ideal spa and hot tub

(NC) -- Every year, more people are turning to spas and hot tubs as a way to relax, unwind and relieve their aches and pains. One of the reasons they are so popular is that they can be enjoyed year round - indoors or outdoors – allowing you to make the most of your leisure time regardless of the weather.

Spas and hot tubs are available in preformed acrylic or thermoplastic spa shell designs that are lowered into the deck for a permanent installation or as portable models in a spa skirt or cabinet that can be moved to a new location if your move.

Permanent concrete inground spas are also popular either on their own or installed as part of a pool installation. The advantage of a concrete spa is its versatility. It can be custom-designed into virtually any size or shape and can be finished in mosaic tile, block glass or colourful coatings. 

For those who want a hot tub for an aquatic workout – nothing can beat a swim spa. These rectangular-shaped units are equipped with powerful jets, propellers or paddle wheels that create a counter-current for swim-in-place exercising. Some swim spas also include bungee-cord and paddle-type devices for rowing exercises that improve muscle strength in the arms, as well as a warm water spa area where bathers can sit down and relax after a strenuous workout. A swim spa can be installed inground, flush with the deck, or as a portable, above-ground unit.  

Soft-sided spas are another option. These lightweight, circular-shaped models are made of dense foam and are small enough to take with you for a weekend at the cottage – just empty them and roll them through the door and into a van or truck for the ultimate in portability.

For traditionalists, a wooden hot tub is the preferred choice. Made from cedar staves held together with metal hoops, circular-shaped wooden hot tubs offer a deep soak and are the perfect complement to wooden decks and patio furniture.

For more information on what is available in hot tubs and spas, contact the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada at 1-800-879-7066 or visit their Web site at


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