Cut indoor allergens in your home

(NC) -- They're all around us. They're even in the air we breathe every day. Indoor allergens like dust mites, pet dander and mold are miniscule menaces that are known to easily aggravate current and pre-existing asthma symptoms. In fact, indoor allergens are more closely associated with asthma than outdoor allergens like trees, weeds and grasses. This is because indoor allergens are in the air year-round and often unavoidable.

Allergens are now so seemingly inescapable that some people suffer from “persistent allergies”, where they experience symptoms year round. No matter the time of year, allergens can always leave their mark.

So, as temperatures fall and we are driven to spend more time indoors, keep your home's air quality in mind. Here are some tips to control and deal with indoor allergens:

• Keep your home clean and uncluttered. Having a clean home will limit your exposure to dust mites and hopefully help you avoid an asthma attack.

• Control your home's indoor ventilation. Forced-air heating systems blow dust particles into the air. Be sure to clean out your home's ductwork this winter to limit the distribution of these pesky dust particles.

• Manage your meds. Take your asthma medications as prescribed by your doctor to help maintain control of your condition. This means taking your daily maintenance medication even when you are not experiencing asthma symptoms.


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