5 Essentials for a Stand-Out Home

As a homeowner, you want your space to stand out from others in the area. Not only does this give your house some appeal, but also separating yourself from others in the area can actually increase the amount of equity you have in the house. While most homeowners focus on giving their home the upgrades that are necessary, it’s also important to think about the ones that most people don’t actually think about. Read below to learn more about the five essentials for a stand-out home.

1. Exterior Style

If you are building new or simply refacing old, you should consider consulting with urban design architecture firms. These companies have the expertise to create something that truly stands out and gives your home some added appeal that is missing from others in the area. An urban architecture firm will create a space that is eye-catching, meets any location or personal requirements you may have, and help your home stand out. And if the home is truly unique, it may even encourage other neighbors in the area to make some adjustments on their house, which can help increase the value of the overall neighborhood.

2. Interior Style

No matter what you read, you’ll easily find that bathrooms and kitchens deliver the most value to a home. Should your home be in need of upgrades or repair, be sure to focus on these areas, but also consider what could help them stand out. For instance, instead of redoing one bathroom, is there space to turn that one bathroom into two, which could possibly add an en suite into a neighboring bedroom? If so, this could make your house stand out from others, especially in a cookie-cutter neighborhood. In addition, think about the styles that make sense and give your home the upgrade you and it deserve.

3. Decor

Aside from having a kick-ass exterior style and the interior rooms that make others jealous, it’s also important to make smart investments on the inside décor as well. Be sure to do some research on different space layouts, interior furniture or finishes, or any other styles or options that give you space something others don’t have. In addition, you should also ensure your decor matches the overall theme of your home. For instance, if you’re looking for a country chic style, then be sure to stick with furniture that also encompasses this look and feel.

4. Curb Appeal

The biggest mistake homeowners make is putting a lot of money into the inside of the home and forgetting about the outside. Not only should you allow your urban architect to create an aesthetically pleasing look for the outside of your home, but you should also ensure you focus on the curb appeal. Adding flowerbeds, mulch, and sod can help you receive a nice look that makes your home more attractive and inviting. In addition, be sure to fix any exterior issues, such as leaking water spickets, broken fences, or anything else that could stand out as an eyesore.


5. Keep a Your Home Clean

In all reality, none of the above matters, if your home is full of clutter and is not clean. Dust and dirt tends to ruin paint over. Fine particles also can also get into computer and appliance vents and minimize their life span. Since you’re putting so much work into your home, getting a house cleaning service can prove to be a great return on investment. Top cleaning professionals get to every nook and cranny of your home to make sure you always have a home that is in tip top shape!

6. Being Smart

The last essential needed for a stand-out home is smarts. Make sure you are opting for smart investments in your home, especially if you know you’ll be selling it sooner rather than later. While you want your house to stand out, you also want to be sure you’re spending your money wisely. For instance, putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into a home in a neighborhood that’s losing home value won’t get you a good return on investment. Make sure to keep your area and the market in mind when making your final decisions.

Every homeowner wants their property to stand out for the right reasons. By using these tips, you’ll ensure your home has everything it needs to make you happy and is easily sellable should you decide to put it up on the market.

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