Climate Change linked Weather Warfare against Mother Earth

Your local weather forecasters either don't know or don't report ongoing experimental weather modification program letting the public believe that the weather that they are experiencing is unusual but normal.  Climate change and global warming are blamed for some weather events by meterologists. The U.S. Weather Channel and local newscasters, don't report current and ongoing weather modification programs, even when they are taking place, according to the National Weather Service (C-SPAN September 2, 2011).

It is time for all of us to examine these experimental weather modification programs and who is benefitting from them financially... who is suffering the consequences of these uncontrolled programs... and how much is crop production in the United States is being reduced due to these programs which may leave many ranchers and farmers without enough rainfall, water supplies or with too much snow.

There are many questions and few answers due to the fact that few people in the United States know about these programs and how extensive they are now. 

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