Wedding favours that last

(NC) — Edible bonbonnières are always a popular wedding favour at receptions. In fact, sometimes that beautifully wrapped bag of candy coated almonds or chocolates are eaten on the spot, depending on what time dinner is served.

Meanwhile, bonbonnières of the non-edible variety sometimes consist of little trinkets and heart-shaped keychains that you never use. Instead, you add it to the collection you've accumulated on a dusty shelf, along with other items you never touch.

This time, it's your turn to get hitched, and you and your spouse-to-be are wondering if wedding favours are really worth the cost.

Instead, as a meaningful gift that will show appreciation to your guests and have a lasting impact, consider making a charitable donation in their honour. For example, Organizations like Christian Children's Fund of Canada have an online gift catalogue where you can purchase fruit trees, clean water wells, insecticide-treated malaria nets, and medical supplies for a clinic in developing countries. As you and your spouse-to-be happily start your lives together, take pride in making life a little easier for others around the world who are in need.


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