Dieting: Top Foods that Burn Fat

The calories that you burn during a workout may depend on the kinds of calories you take in before that workout, as suggested by research done in the field of nutrition. The research has been done by Dr. Mike Roussell. He is the author of `6 Pillars of Nutrition’ and a renowned nutritional consultant.

People who take in rich carbohydrates for breakfast such as muesli, skimmed milk and yogurt before working out in the gym do not get their blood sugar levels spiked. They will be able to burn about fifty per cent more fat during their post breakfast workout in comparison with those kinds of people who spike up their blood sugar levels with food like white bread or corn flakes.

Carbohydrates that cause the blood sugar levels to rise are referred to as high-glycemic index carbs. The carbohydrates that do not boost up the blood sugar levels are called low-glycemic index carbs.

It is not easy to categorize the so-called `fat burning’ foods. Dr. Roussell states that “most foods do not proactively elicit increase in calorie burning but instead create a physiological environment in which fat burning is more easily accomplished”. For example, broccoli does not boost up your rate of metabolism but it can be categorized as a low calorie food that consists of carbohydrates that are slow to digest; it also contains fiber and phytochemicals that help in clearing off estrogen.

Bahar Takhtehchian, a Co-Editor of Shape Magazine, also endorses the view that low glycemic index carbohydrates will help burn almost fifty per cent more fat than the high glycemic index carbs. Her favorite suggested recipe is cherry-almond-yogurt parfait.

Two other popular fat melting foods are green tea and hot peppers. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published a new study that finds mono-unsaturated fats, that are found in avocados and olive oil, can be added to the long list of foods that help you burn calories and fat faster. Additionally, peanuts, hazelnuts and Macadamia nuts are also among the top fat burners.

Apart from muesli, skimmed milk and yogurt, other forms of low glycemic index carbohydrates are whole grains, whole grain cereals, oats, soy and linseed bread.

Barry Braun, Director of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, has done some research on eating prior to exercise. He feels that “eating large amounts of high glycemic index carbohydrates right before exercise is probably as detrimental for overweight people as it is for the normal weight ones”. He feels that the high glycemic index carbs will come in handy for a marathon runner who needs high energy immediately before running a marathon.

Regardless of whatever goals you set for yourself, it always starts with food for anyone who tries to lose weight. Dr. Mike Roussell feels that if you increase soy protein in your diet, it will help tone your muscles to burn your fat at a quicker pace and give you a contoured physique. If you want to burn your fat and lose weight at a rapid pace, it is important to pay attention to what Dr. Roussell is talking about in the Shape Magazine.

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