Tips for the Hockey parent

(NC) -- The unsung heroes in Canadian hockey are – without question – the parents. It takes dedication, encouragement, and a whole lot of time and energy to be a hockey parent. Here are some things to keep in mind for all hockey parents, ranging from cost-savers to stress reducers.

Take the carpool lane – Connect with other parents on your child's team and make plans to share the driving to and from games. Not only will carpooling give you a much-needed break a few days a week but it will save you money in gas.

Get the right equipment – Suiting your child up for the hockey season is the most important step in preparing them for the game and keeping them safe.

Visit for a hockey equipment checklist that outlines everything needed to protect your child from head-to-toe.

Be prepared – Save money on last-minute stops to the grocery store or drive-thru by planning ahead. Keep snacks such as crackers, juice boxes and granola bars in the car and pre-program your coffee maker to brew first thing in the morning. This will ensure your hockey player has a chance to eat amidst the busy morning rush and that you stay energized.

Have fun – Your child shouldn't be the only one enjoying the hockey season.

If the daily trips to the arena are becoming too much, alternate attending games with another family member.

Participate in your own extra-curricular activities – sign up for a class on “hockey-free” days or, if you can't get enough of the sport, look into an adult hockey league.

Keep these tips in mind to help you and your family thrive this hockey season.


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