Factors That Have Affected the Way That Society Views Drug Abuse and Recovery

Drug abuse in the United States presents a consistent and ever-changing challenge. This is because the types of drugs that are used and the demographic of drug users shift over time. Thankfully, the Internet has made it easier for individuals who are battling with drug and alcohol addiction to find assistance. Sites like: https://coastaldetox.com/ are readily available to the public.

The Effects of Drug Abuse are Close to Home

In addition to increased information, society as a whole is changing the perception that they have of individuals who are battling drug abuse. In part, this change in perception has come as people are learning that more and more individuals in their communities are battling with drug abuse. Abuse has gone from being something that other people deal with in other communities and has become something that is closer to home for many.

One of the driving forces behind the shift in society’s perception toward drug and alcohol abusers is the fact that prescription drug abuse is taking a large toll on suburban America. Individuals who once had the perception that those who are addicted to drugs were addicts because they lacked the willpower, they lacked motivation, or because they have some social flaw now are starting to see their own spouses and their own children battle addiction to drugs like heroin or prescription drugs. As a result, drug abuse and the challenges connected to drug rehabilitation have taken on a very personal dimension.

Entertainment and Drug Abuse

Another factor that has affected the way that people see drug abusers is the way that drug addiction is dealt with in popular entertainment. It seems like society has gone through a series of shifts in the way that they treat drug abuse via entertainment. There was a time when drug abuse was depicted as being relatively harmless fun. Then society shifted and drug abuse was depicted in entertainment as the worst of all evils. Drug use was often included in entertainment in a way that made the television show or the movie that it was depicted on seem like a public service announcement. The message was consistent, you do drugs, you fail, say no to drugs, good people stay away from drugs. This type of entertainment mimicked the way that society and law enforcement viewed drug abuse and drug users.

Now, there are many movies that have been made that depict drug abuse in a realistic way. It realistically shows the attraction that drugs have for many, it realistically shows the challenges that people face as they go through the rehabilitation process, and it realistically shows the fact that for many people, drug abuse is so difficult to overcome that they might not be able to completely get the mastery over it. Movies about addiction that have done a good job at showing how drug abuse affects different people include the movie, “Less Than Zero.” One of the interesting things about this movie is that unlike other movies that focus on how drug abuse affects individuals on the lower financial rungs of society, this movie is set in the super wealthy environment that was Beverly Hills during the 1980's. The movie does a good job of showing how the excesses that were commonplace in the 80's played a role in influencing the way that the title characters viewed drugs and the eventual downward spiral they endured.

“Requiem for a Dream” is another movie that expertly gets to the heart of what addiction is. Needless to say, this is not made for those who have a weak stomach. This is because it does not shield any of the negative consequences that come from using drugs. Whether it’s one of the main characters becoming disfigured because of drugs or an ending scene that will leave you with a hollow feeling in your stomach, this movie is brutal. It is honest, and it is one of the best realistic portrayals of drug and alcohol abuse.

Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

One of the best things that has come from the fact that people are more willing to discuss drug abuse openly is that drug rehabilitation programs have lost some of the negative stigma they once had. Now, when a person visits a medical detox program, their friends and family are less likely to look at them in a negative light, but instead to encourage them to get the help they need. As a result, more and more people are meeting with licensed medical professionals who can help them address the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that drug abuse creates. As a result, a larger group of individuals are going from facing the challenges of addiction to enjoying the benefits that come from sobriety.


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