Time To Make A Change: Three Countries Where You Can Start An Exciting New Life

Sometimes, when you want to make a change, it's in small ways. Maybe add a lick of paint to the living room wall. On the other hand, perhaps the change you're thinking of it a little more drastic. Perhaps you're thinking of change your life entirely and even leaving the country! As dramatic as it sounds, plenty of people find themselves in new countries and are able to start whole new lives. Many people discover that their new home feels more like where they belong that where they had spend their entire lives up to that point. If the itch to up sticks and find somewhere new has taken hold of you, here are a few countries you would do well to consider moving to.



Canada's reputation is well founded. With its socially progressive government and low rates of firearm-related homicide, it's one of the safest places you could move to. Not only that but Canada's universal health care is a big draw to a lot of people looking to relocate. Combine that with the fact that the country is just beautiful! With lush, snowy landscapes, thriving cities and rich, diverse culture, Canada is the kind of place you could almost describe as too good to be true. Of course if you want to move there then you'll need to pass the Canadian Citizenship test. You can find more information about it here: try it out.

New Zealand



You might think that the extraordinary landscapes showed off in The Lord Of The Rings was the only jewel in New Zealand's crown but oh how wrong you would be! This small country is extremely popular with expats and with good reason. For those with children, New Zealand has excellent statistics for high quality of life for children as well as an excellent education system. This has lead to New Zealand being named one of the best places for raising happy and healthy kids.




With one of the most booming economies in the world, China is the perfect destination for the working expat looking for opportunities. The economy is so strong in fact that there as far less competition for each role than many other countries. Not only that but quality of life among expats is consistently high. With exciting nightlife, friendly locals and rich culture to explore, many people who move to China really do fall in love with it. It's not ideal for people with children, ranking low in terms of child raising, but if you're an unattached professional, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better fit.

Moving to another country is a serious decision. But hopefully, by looking at these places, you can see that where you move entirely depends on what it is that you want out of life. Some places are better for families; others are better for individuals. Whatever happens and whatever you choose, make sure that the choice you make is right for yourself and the people in your life.


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