How to be better in bed?

Although you might have a satisfying sex life, there is always room for enhancement! This is what we have to accept, and this would be the first step towards a better performance in bed! What we do not know is that our sexual experience actually depends on five factors. They are psychologically proven to be the key points for better sex, relationship, and higher self-esteem!

  1. Openness

 It might sound very basic, and you have probably heard this do many times, but if you have done it, you would not be reading this now. Communication is the first step towards your partner’s understanding of your needs and you accepting and thinking about what the other person wants. Share your deepest desires with them, even the things you do not believe are possible to turn into reality! Think about the other’s fantasies. It may happen for you two to have the same idea of erotica. This happens very often when you spend a lot of time with one person- you both turn in the same direction in life… and in bed.

  1. Duty?

Psychologists have proven that the monotonous manner of living makes sex not an exciting part of the day, even for the best couples who had a great erotic life at the beginning. Let me tell you something. If you get trapped in the cages of everyday life, you have a 100% chance to ruin your relationship just after the physical part of it. Washing the dishes is a duty, sex is a priority!

 I know it might be very tough to keep the flame, but make sure to be spontaneous. Surprise your partner! Make some sexy bath time for the two of you. Have some new experiences! You can even be bold and talk about the idea of a threesome, or at least some new practice - public or anal sex like at
PornOne! You can do it in the lift, in your car in the supermarket parking lot, the park, basically everywhere.

All of these can be really fun and can improve not only your intimate performance because of the adrenaline, but it will bring some fresh air into your relationship and sex life. Do not be afraid to experiment!

  1. Tenderness

Many of us have had the weird convo just before bedtime: ‘Shall we…?!’, and the answer is, ‘Yeah, just do it…’. In this situation, we just proceed straight forward to the act. The thing is that we shall keep it erotic and even romantic for a while. The foreplay, kisses, touches, tenderness makes your brain like you are loved. This is the reason why it produces the
hormone of happiness.

 As a result, your brain relaxes and forgets about the problems during the day. This is how you ‘get in the mood’. Without being in the mood, you just have sex, but no real pleasure is received, and your brain and body do not relax fully during the experience. Not having foreplay is one of the shortcuts to what I call ‘duty sex’.

  1. Algorithms and patterns

The human body is a machine that works with algorithms and patterns. You can create your own patterns, but neurologists and psychologists have proven that if you reach orgasm before the penetration, chances are much bigger for you to reach one or multiple orgasms during the actual intercourse! Since I have known for this, I practice it, and it works perfectly. Thus, make sure you reach culmination at the beginning. There are many options- use your hands, enjoy your partner’s tongue play, show them how to bring you there!

  1. Know your nerves!

Scientists have proven that knowing your body and senses will help you and your partner gain maximum pleasure. The easiest way to get to know them is masturbating. This will help you control your orgasms and perception of erotics. The best option is to learn how to do it is by watching porn videos for masturbation like these one here, or just enjoying your imagination! This is how you train your senses and your brain, and as we all know, sex is, first of all, in the mind.

 It is not to forget that if you know what you want you can share it with your partner!

We would say that nobody could be bad in bed if they watch out for these key points in their erotic life. They are very easy applicable, and they can guarantee success not only in your sexual performance, but they will have a generally positive effect on your relationship!


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