Is there a ‘Transgender Community’?

In an article in the New York Times, Jennifer Finney Boylan of GLAAD says: “If transgender people are sometimes at odds with their gay and lesbian allies, they’re also at odds with themselves. The community is rife with disagreements about whether transsexuals (individuals who change, or wish to change, their gender via medical intervention, and whom some define as simply having a “birth challenge” like, say, a cleft palate) even ought to be grouped, politically, with “transgenders” (an umbrella term that includes cross-dressers and drag queens.”

My question to my trans readers: Outside of the Internet, is there much of a “community” of transgender people?

In my town, there is definitely a gay community: Montreal has a thriving Gay Village with all sorts of shops and restaurants et al. But we don’t have a Transgender Village. Does any town have one?

Is there a real ”transgender community”?

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