UFO: Missouri witness reports alien sighting

A witness in Piedmont, Missouri, U.S. has reported sighting an alien entity on 24 May, 2013 at 11:10 PM. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), published on 26 May, 2013.

It reported to ASD by phone and the witness wishes to remain anonymous.

The witness describes how he heard a strange sound.

“I heard a strange humming sound outside of my house which is on 100 acres of wooded area near Piedmont, Missouri.”

The witness describes what he saw, when he went outside to investigate the sound. He also talks about the colour, direction and elevation of the object.

“I went outside to investigate what the low humming was and saw a large brightly glowing orange/red ball of light on the NE corner of my house, just above the roof line and approximately 15 from the house.”

He describes how it looked like a solid object. He also talks about his reaction and how he called his son to see it.

“It looked like a solid object underneath a halo of light surrounding it. I was standing about 30 away from the object. I was in shock and stood there, frozen, while calling to my 36-year old son to come out to see it, which he did.”

The witness then tells us how he and his son watched the object hovering in the same place for 20 minutes. He also talks about sighting more objects in the woods.

“We both watched as this object for about 20 minutes or so as it hovered in the same spot, wavering somewhat, then it moved to the Southeast and noticed that there were at least 10 more of these objects in the woods at and below the tree line about 100 yards from our position.”

The witness further tells us how the object moved slowly towards the woods.

“The object moved very slowly towards the woods, seeming to be unaware of our presence or not to care that we saw it.”

He also describes his failed attempt to take pictures of the objects with his phone.

I tried desperately to get my cell phone to come on so I could take a picture but it would not work. I thought the battery was drained, but after the object was out of sight the phone resumed working.”

The witness describes the humanoid being their encountered. He also tells us how it vanished.

“There was a 4 tall humanoid being standing next to the tree and a little behind it. It looked greyish but it was hard to tell in the darkness even though there was a full moon out. I just got a glimpse of it before it vanished.”

The witness talks about time dilution and how he realized that they had only spent a short time outside of the house.

“When we got back inside I was shocked to see that it was at least 50 minutes to an hour later than when we went outside, as it seemed like only 20 minutes of time had lapsed.”

The witness tells us how a helicopter followed the same direction of the UFOs as if trying to investigate.

‘Next, we heard a helicopter approach and looked out the window as it flew in the same direction as the UFOs. I have never seen a helicopter out here in my entire life. We did not go outside to look at it.”

He describes how his son was approached by the police the next day to enquire about UFOs and aliens.

“The next evening my son was in town getting some groceries when he was approached by two policemen. They asked my son how he was doing and if he believed in aliens or ever saw an alien. He replied that he did not.”

The witness then tells us how he and son did not recall the incidents of the previous night for a long time.

“This event triggered the memory of the prior night and when he returned home he asked me if I recalled the same things he did, which I did recall, including the sighting of the being by the tree. We both found it extremely odd that we did not think of the previous nights event earlier in the day, or that we were not more upset by it, and had not called anyone about it.”

The witness wonders how the police knew about the incident. He also tells us that his intention is not to gain publicity and he was scared by the incident.

“How did the police know about this event? We spoke to no one about it. I called you to make this report in an effort to see if anyone else has reported anything similar but I don’t want any publicity and don’t want to talk to anyone else. The whole thing has me a little scared.”

The witness finally tells us that UFO activity in common in that region.

“We have seen balls of light in this area before, and have seen unidentified objects, but nothing as close or as dramatic as this. My parents and grandparents owned this same land for many years, and they said that all kinds of weird stuff happened here but they did not talk about it much.”


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