UFO: Utah witness reports Sky Aliens

It was just after 10pm on Thursday Aug 14th, 2014 and we had just gone to bed. Before I had had a chance to fall asleep, my son noticed a flash of light outside our window. I got up to look outside and saw the beginnings of a lightning storm.

As I stood watching the lightning for a moment I noticed a cloud that seemed out of place. If you have ever watched the sky during a rainstorm you may have noticed how some clouds start ‘streaming’ downward with the rain, forming vertical, striated curtains in the air.

This cloud was like that, about a block away, only it seemed much more dense than the usual and looked to be about ½ a block wide and was so low that it nearly touched the ground! What made this really odd was that this lightning storm was completely dry…not so much as a drop of rain the entire evening!

Then I noticed a ‘search light’. At first I couldn’t figure out why it seemed so out of place, and then I realized it was upside down! The light was originating from the clouds and playing about the sky and onto the ground. It was then that I was further distracted by a ‘form’ some way off, moving in the sky! It was south of my apartment and about ¼ a mile away.

From that distance it looked like a flock of small birds moving through the air (at least the shape reminded me of a flock of birds, but it really didn’t move like one). The overall outline was like that of an amoeba, constantly changing and made up of many tiny individual ‘parts’, and it moved and twisted and turned as a whole, flowing into different shapes! (Once later that evening I saw one divide itself into two separate ‘forms’ that moved off in different directions).

Suddenly the ‘form’ that I was watching began to move north very quickly, towards our apartment building (we live in the corner apt. on the 3rd floor in a low rise just outside of SLC, Utah). It passed out of sight from start to finish so quickly that I knew I wasn’t seeing something ‘normal’!

I excitedly asked my wife to get out of bed and put in her contacts so she could join me at the window and see what I was seeing! The whole time she was in the master bathroom, I was giving her a ‘play by play’ of everything I witnessed! We continued staring at the sky together, hoping to catch a glimpse of the strange ‘form’ again. The weird cloud formation was still there and not moving with the other clouds; it just sat there stationary for the longest time before suddenly starting in motion towards the east (the other clouds were moving in a NW direction)and then dissipated very quickly! We looked for the search lights again and this time found where we believed they originated from…a UFO!

It was hovering about a ½ mile away south of us and slightly west. It sat in a clear section of the sky and we could see blue and red lights. It was clearly visible yet it would occasionally ‘disappear’ only to reappear immediately, either in the same spot or only a short distance away from where it had vanished!

After watching it for some time, we determined that it may have been observing the same ‘form’ that I had seen a moment before. It was then, only a short while later, that we saw another ‘form’ move into view, followed by even more until there were approximately 7-10 of them maneuvering across the sky (over the course of the evening we estimate we saw between 40-70 of these).

They seemed to be moving at random, up and down, making big sweeping arcs and sometimes speeding off out of sight! As the storm slowly moved to the NW, so did the ‘forms’. They were getting closer and closer to our vantage point, and now we could clearly see they weren’t birds (now I was contemplating that maybe they were insects…albeit, glittering ones!). It was then that one of the ‘forms’ moved in much lower and closer to our building and swooped past us just above our window (only about 20 feet away)! We now saw clearly that these weren’t a group of insects either, but rather small shining orbs of light/energy!

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing! I was feeling both uncertainty and awe at the same time! Then we noticed some of the ‘beings’ (as we now felt certain we should be calling them) would move either behind or through a cloud and would start glowing!

You could follow their trajectory easily by watching their glow move about. I also figured out finally what their movement reminded me of…a school of fish! They were undulating in precision with each other…a giant mass of ‘life’ moving as one through the sky! My heart was beating so fast at this point I thought I was destined to remain wide awake for hours! At this time, we noticed the UFO once again. It suddenly ‘blinked out’ and immediately reappeared about two miles further NW!

We could just make out a light emanating from it into the nearby clouds and sky. My head was swimming with everything that was going on. My wife and I (and our 3 year old who had joined us earlier) decided to move into our living room where our west facing window afforded us a better view of the slowly moving ‘procession’. We never once thought to grab our phones and record the incident!

It was all so surreal and even seemed a little ‘sacred’ to us at the time. Once more we saw the UFO off in the distance blink out of sight again, and reappear in an instant, this time about 5-10 miles further NW! It was a truly remarkable experience for us that night! In the days that followed I did a lot of research into the phenomenon and found very little information on these ‘entities’.

What little I did find however, proved to be quite enlightening! In the writings of Dr. Trevor James Constable, he describes a life form fitting every detail we had observed (He also describes many more life forms we didn’t see…).

He had found that these ‘critters’ (as he called them) seemed to be attracted to the energy in lightning storms and would often appear as a result of their interaction with it! He also described how they seemed to move like fish in the sky. He also experimented with a device based on the designs of a Wilhelm Reich, that was purported to be capable of creating/altering weather in the sky and could be used to initiate ‘contact’ or attract these life forms to the area. I don’t know if the strange cloud I saw is related to this, but it did seem quite a coincidence to see two topics of interest to Constable, in the same event from our window.

I also came across a report on MUFON (Case# 56393) in which a gentleman from Ogden, Utah had described a flying object that looked almost exactly the same as the ‘beings’ my wife and I had witnessed! Upon watching the entire video he had captured, we were positive that it was the same phenomena!

I am hoping to interact with others who may have witnessed a similar ‘event’ so that we could gain more insight into these wonderful ‘beings’ in our sky; and maybe even the UFO too!


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