UFO: MUFON finds military connection to Alien reports

Ten UFO cases were reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) from both Orange and Riverside counties June 18, 2014, where odd lights in the sky were seen. We previously reported on Cases 57165 and 57166 where objects were reported near ground level.

California MUFON revealed today that they now believe all 10 cases were the result of military live fire training excises, according to Chief Investigator Cinde Costello.

"We are actually dealing with 10 reports involving this same event on the night of June 18, which was due to a routine military live fire training exercise at Camp Pendleton, situated in their Whisky/Zulu Impact areas – located approximately in the middle of the base."

The Orange County Cases included: 57159; 57160; 57162; 57163; 57164; 57170; 57184. The Riverside County Cases included: 57165; 57166; 57195.

Costello, who is also the Southern California Assistant State Director, described the area and conditions.

"Camp Pendleton is bordered by San Diego County in the south; Orange County to the north, and Riverside County to the east. Due to the weather conditions at the time – 65-degrees F with clear skies; winds calm to light, with wind direction from the south – people were able to see some of this action from all three counties. Incendiary rounds, flares, etc., are extremely bright – so bright that, under the right conditions, they can be seen from a distance of 40 miles or more.

Costello said the same exercises are continuing.



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