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Laser Beam Form Single-Celled Alien Being in Brazoria, Texas

A witness has reported that he has watched a laser beam form a single-celled alien being in Brazoria, Texas on 9 September, 2015 at 11:30 AM. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and was posted on 11 September, 2015.

The witness describes that he and his friend saw orbs of light all night long and his friend actually pointed a very high powered laser beam at one of the orbs.

“Me and my friend were seeing orbs of light all night, my friend as stupid as he is pointed a very high powered laser at this orb.”

He recounts that the moment the laser beam fell on the orb, it lit up like a cluster of 12 blue lights and the way the lights were arranged made it look like a single celled organism.

“And instantly it light up like a cluster of 12 blue lights, the way it was arranged looked like some kind of single celled organism.”

He further reveals that he unplugged the laser and started shouting at his friend when he noticed that the craft was coming down towards them.

“I unplugged the laser and started yelling at him as we both noticed the craft coming down at us.”

The witness says that the craft floated down lightly and made a humming sound which pulsed through his entire body.

“It floated down like a piece of paper, and it gave off a low hum sound that pulsed through me.”

He goes on to elaborate that they ran inside the house but when they came out after an hour, the craft was hovering right above the house. No matter how much the witness moved around, it kept moving with him and stayed right overhead.

“Every step we would take it would squirm and wiggle to be right above us.”

He wondered if pointing the laser beam at the orb could have resulted in this strange turn of events and that freaked them out.

“It was definitely following us closely, it must have been from the laser, and then we went back inside freaked out.”

He also states that on going outside after 30 minutes, he and his friend saw it again.

“When we went back outside after another 30 min we noticed it again.”

He discloses that for the last couple of days, he has noticed a black triangle that blends in with the stars.

“And the last couple days I have noticed a black triangle that blended in with the stars.”

He ends his report by saying that the triangle could be a figment of his imagination but the cluster organism has three other witnesses.

“The triangle could have been in my head but the cluster organism thing has 3 other witnesses.”

The above quotes were edited for clarity. Very frequently, we come across articles describing strange lights reported in the sky. More often than not, these lights act in a conspicuous manner. Clusters of lights even change shapes and make formations in the sky.

Despite furnishing clear and genuine photographs, the authorities hush up the incidents by claiming the UFOs to be weather balloons or natural phenomena. Do you think that these UFOs are actually alien crafts that fly low enough to be seen with the naked eye or captured on film?


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