Demonic alien entities occupying human bodies are appearing in visible light

In the above video, Jim Crenshaw reveals how efforts to create a New World Order seem to be orchestrated by hideous-looking demonic entities which for short moments in time now seem to be appearing more often in visible light.  It's important to appreciate that we as humans have eyes which are generally only able to see a certain fraction of wide spectrum of light.  As a result, such demonic entitles using their technology are able to hide their true identity by projecting what would look and feel like a human body as a resulted of our limited sensory abilities.  Such entitles were postulated in John Carpenter's cult 1980's classic film titled "They Live" shown below.

David Icke has sought to spread voluminous social awareness about the non-human agenda represented by the COVID-19 fake vaccines alongside systematic efforts to bring about a so-called "New World Order" which seeks to replace humanity as we know it with a roboticized entity enslaved to the interests of demonic entities.  Dr Carrie Madej further elaborates on the alien "transhumanism" agenda.


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